Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here is Why I don't Twitter or is it Tweet?

I don't twitter or offense to anyone who does...I frankly, am sure my life is just not that interesting enough to have twitter updates!
Here's the evidence:

4:30 am I am wondering how in God's holy name my Hubby doesn't wake himself up with all the racket he calls breathing!

6:00am (which is really 5am thanks to stupid daylight saving)

I am Taking Miley out before I get a chance to pee because she seems really anxious to go...wondering why an altered two year old dog can't hold her bladder longer than a 50 year old woman who has had three children naturally!

6:15am I am peeing.

6:20am Thank God for coffee...
the smell,
the taste,
thank you Hubby for using your talents to make coffee!!!

6:30am Discovered Miley didn't make it through the night and peed on my tile floor in hallway and I am now cleaning up pee on floor!

7:00am I am watching news...

7:05am I am now not watching news. Ignorance is bliss!

7:06am I just found lint in my belly button!

7:30am I am checking my accounts and I think my relationship with Math has held me back with budget issues...and diets!

8:00am I got nothing!

10:00 am I am going into the Torture chamber...I have Maria for Pilates today! She tortures people for a living and I think she likes it...
What kind of a woman pays to feel this kind of pain!

11:05 am Maria told me I did really well today...and I felt giddy from the compliment...I think I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome!

11:15 am I have to RUSH...Go home, shower and drive to St.Pete to pick up check that will allow me to stimulate others economy!

2:00pm I am leaving Bank of America...somewhat sad...I just closed our accounts there due to better interest rates at other bank and our customer's bank with other bank, as well so I won't have to deal with "holds from hell!" I suggested the bank may want to change it's name to Bank of China...she wasn't amused! I am sad though... it's my last tie to Barnett Bank!

3:00pm I just ate three bags of 100 calorie snacks...again the Math thing messes me up!

5:00pm I briefly tried the news again...Did you know it never changes?

9:00pm Lost is on my last's a repeat! I wouldn't be watching this show at all except the Hubby is hanging in there! This show is a mess...

10:00pm I am reading Galway Bay until I fall asleep...

This is why I don't twitter!


Debbie said...

I don't twitter because it doesn't make sense to me. Who am I talking to on there?
But, I still love Lost. Tell your husband he can come over and watch it with us.

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Hahaha!! Twitter isn't *really* about what you're doing, once you've been on awhile. It's more of a networking thing. I've had more opportunites come my way via Twitter than any other networking avenue. And I've found more relevant content through Twitter too. But I was like you when I first got on there...who cares about the minutae of my life??? Hahaha!

dddiva said...

Hahaha I Tweet so I can bore everyone to death- oh and to get extra contest entries. ;)
Plus, who the heck else can I possibly tell that I have numb butt who would give a damn?

Teri said...

That stuff is priceless. Mine would read "Found some chips in the pantry. Eating said chips. Looking for Alka Seltzer."

Kori said...

Just laughing away here...I try to twitter sometimes but I get easily confused. and I think I am boring too. :)

Karyn said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying. I am confident your very exciting day shall have me smiling until bedtime. You are a treasure!
Love you whole bunches!!!

Rhonda said...

Love the lint in your belly button one!!! lol I don't have much of a life to twitter either.

Betty said...

I just started a couple of months ago and I sometimes feel intimidated of the things some people write. I have very few followers and choose the ones I follow very carefully too. I always wonder about people who are following thousands, how they keep up with reading all those "tweets".
But I loved to read about your day. I´m still smiling! :)