Friday, February 27, 2009

Double Dog Dare You!

One of my favorite bloggers is Georgie from Decisionally Challenged...she is witty and smart! While reading her blog recently I discovered she had seen the movie Fireproof and the movie story line touched her. I, too had seen the movie...some of the acting is very poor including some cheesy dialogue but it's story about a young marriage and it's near failure. It moved me to tears because I have had some difficult times in my marriage.
I have had to work hard at my marriage and my Hubby even harder...I envy those who seem to easily get along and seem to have it all together...we certainly have never been that couple!
But...we still have a deep and faithful loving commitment to one another and I think that shows even when we struggle. Georgie asked if anyone else wanted to take The Love Dare with her, this is the companion book to the movie that is referenced in the story line. I said "Sure!" I mean, I am 50 and we have been married for over 30 years...surely the hard part is behind me!
Well, the dare is difficult...because if you do it will effect all your relationships...because it is changing you and how you think about love! It's a 40 day challenge and I am on it!
I wanted to share one incident that happened to me:
This isn't about my relationship to my Husband but to a restaurant employee...yeah, it effects all relationships! I have been praying that I might be a blessing to others and then coupled with this book/dare...well, I reacted differently than I might have.
I took my daughter, daughter-in-my-heart and my two wonderful grand children out to lunch...we were all lined up in a line at the counter. My daughter had ordered, along with my grandchildren, myself and my daughter-in-my-heart! I was trying to tell the employee that I wanted to pay for ours...this woman wasn't listening! When I finally got her to listen...I could tell she wasn't hearing me! So...the food arrived and my daughter-in-my-heart who was talking to someone in line that she knew from church walked up and said "Well, that's it, right?"
This woman snapped at my daughter-in-my-heart and was dismissive to her! I was annoyed immediately!
The fact was my daughter-in-my-heart was right...that was our order! The young lady had not listened to me when I said there were three of us...she added the young lady's order my daughter-in-law was talking to with ours! Plus...I had already paid for it! I stood there for a moment while this young clerk thought this out!
My first inclination was to point it all out to her...that she hadn't listened to either of us and that I didn't care for the way she had dismissed my daughter-in-law! But...I thought about my dare and so I smiled and said "No...that is okay!" and I asked the young lady if she would join us for lunch and she did! The employee said "I can fix this!" and I smiled and said "No...I would like to do this!" "Thank you and have a good day!" and I smiled and she smiled back!
I was not annoyed any longer...I did not carry any frustration with me!
Because....I wanted to show love that day and I had prayed to be a blessing to others...and God gave me the opportunity!

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Vanna!

Thank you everyone for voting for Sara and entering my give-away for the iPod Nano!
Sara had entered a contest and everyone was wonderful in their support of her and I thank you sincerely!
Sara and my daughter Rachel have been friends since 4th grade! Sara was Rachel's maid of honor at her wedding.

This is the iPod nano that the winner will receive...this is Rachel "Vanna" showing it off!

Take Two!

And the winner is
Please email me your address and your name...
I will not publish I know you remain in the shadows protecting all of us bloggers !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am blessed and these are two of my blessings...
My "Cutest Boy in America" grandson who is fake distraught over leaving me and his mom, my wonderful daughter-in-law!
I am so very blessed to have them in my life! I put the sign in my kitchen to remind me of my blessings! When the news/media gets me down...I have only to read it and know the real truth! ( and this photo will remind me to clean the microwave more often!)
There is "Good News" people and it has nothing to do with the actual news! In fact we are all "Good News People!"
Go count your blessings...Name them one by one!
Happy Wednesday! Go visit Angie for more Wordful Wednesdays!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreams of Jennifer and Brad and Angelina... OH MY!

So...I loved the Oscars...I mean sitting-there-in-my-chair-staring- at- the- TV-loved-the-Oscars!
I loved all of it and fell asleep exhausted thinking about how there was really only one uncomfortable moment...
I felt badly for Jennifer Aniston that she had to present with Jack Black ( Nice, but why couldn't it have been someone like the new James Bond, Daniel Craig?) in front of her ex-husband and his new "wife" and mother of his half dozen kids!
I fell asleep thinking ...."Why did they have to put the camera on the happy couple while she was talking?" It was the icky feeling...

My Hubby woke me up really early and I was dreaming and in my dream...

I was Brad Pitt's ex-wife and I had to speak in front of a lot of people including him and his "new wife!"

"Honey... I am going!" he said
I open my eyes and see My Hubby and I am overjoyed that HE is my Hubby and I am NOT the ex-wife of Brad Pitt...I swear this is my actual thought process...which I apparently express out loud!
Hubby clearly confused!
So...I do what rational people do...I explain.
"You, see I was dreaming I was Brad Pitt's ex-wife and I had to talk in front of a lot of people, including him and his "new wife!"
"I am so glad you are my Hubby!" I say.
Hubby responds with comment that will live in Ronda's Infamy (actual place you don't want to go there)

"But Ronda, if you were Brad Pitt's ex-wife we would be RICH!" Hubby says.
"Yes...but then I would be Jennifer Aniston..." I say through clenched teeth!
"Oh...yea..." Hubby smiles.
Neither one of us have figured in the "John Mayor" factor!

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Good Luck!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloggy Book Club!

For the month of February...I read firefly lane by Kristin Hannah, it was recommended by a friend I have known for almost 30 years! We are not childhood friends which lets you know right off how old I am...which is okay, I am very comfortable telling people my age. I like being 50, as I am becoming comfortable with who I am and the choices I have made and I actually enjoy reflecting back on my life with love and nostalgia. I haven't always felt that way about my life.

This book is well written and the story is one that brought me into it immediately and I think everyone can relate to friendships. I love the time period that the novel is set in...middle 70's! Music and current references drew me back into my own personal life experiences right away, the first chapter, part one, The Seventies, Dancing Queen...young and sweet, only seventeen...My Anthem...I was hooked!

The book cover states...
In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularky has accepted her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the "coolest girl in the world" moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Tully Hart seems to have it all beauty, brains, ambition. On the surface they are opposite as two people could be: Kate, doomed forever to be uncool, with a loving family who mortifies her at every turn. Tully, steeped in glamor and mystery, but with a secret that is destroying her. They make a pact to be friends forever; by summer's end they are "TullyandKate." Inseparable.

I enjoyed this book and thought of it, long after I finished the book! I was frustrated with the actions of one of the the point of telling my daughter the entire story and arguing for my reasoning of why the author failed in this particular aspect. I ended with how can I criticize her's the story I find fault with...not her writing! My daughter listened and then said...
"You can criticize her story...she needs to make you believe it!" and then she said " But, Mom...I think she did her job as a author...You care about this story and are thinking about it and discussing it!
I did enjoy this book...
I had trouble with the Kate character, I couldn't find any real trauma in her life to justify her lack of ownership for her own life. I still can not understand her insecurities that continued into adulthood and especially her insecurities about her marriage in regards to her very best friend's relationship with her husband. These were friends that had a relationship built on some insecurities in eighth grade...the lack of honest dialogue between these two characters would have made the life long relationship impossible to my opinion. The relationships that I did find very interesting was all the Mother/Daughter relationships interwoven between all the "TullyandKate" moments...I think that would have made the better and more believable story! Those relationships all seemed authentic to me...I believed them all! Kate's character I just didn't buy into...she had a pretty typical childhood...a lot of us have home lives like this...She didn't have a "Carrie" moment...she was "average" to the point of being invisible but I couldn't find a reason to believe her actions or lack of actions in regards to her adult life. She had parents who loved her and yet in many ways she was portrayed as a insecure eighth grader until the end!

Overall, I enjoyed this book, frustrated with one character's portrayal, but I enjoyed the story!

Does anyone know a very normal person who can not tell the two people she is supposedly closest to that she is insecure about their relationship? I mean, insecure about it for years...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

friday foto The Dancing Queen

I was 17 in March of 1976 and this song was very popular, and it was my anthem! I turned 18 in May and at that time you could drink but I didn't care about that...I could get into Discos! I have always loved to dance and have never cared who watched or said what! I danced at my oldest son's wedding and also at my only daughter's! I will dance the night away at my last Born's wedding on November 21...I am thankful her family feels like I do about dancing!
Please remember to dance like no one's watching! For more friday fotos visit Cute Candid Carrie!
BTW my silk suit was Ivory! And I thought I was so hot!

Look Who Won!

Diane is the winner for the Pay-it-forward drawing and she will be receiving the book that I just finished for Bloggy Book Club! Congrats!
firefly lane by Kristin Hannah is a novel about two young girls and their friendship that spans 30 years.

I had planned to post pictures of the drawing but I am sick and just can't be bothered! Ha!

I love to think about books long after I have read them, sit and reflect about choices the author makes in the story telling...I have only one relationship that has lasted nearly this long besides sisters and parents, and that would be my relationship with my Hubby! So...the intimacy between these two women was not something I could completely relate to!
I wish I could have...I wish I knew what happened to my very best friend from eighth grade...I wonder if she still lives in England.
Do you still see your best friend from eighth grade?
Congrats, to me your address and I will send you this book and a Starbucks Gift card.I mean...What is a good book without a good cup of coffee?
I am going back to sleep...everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is the Cutest Boy in America and Flat Stanley, he is visiting from Canada! My bloggy friend Rhonda sent him to me along with a book to read and a wonderful Starbucks gift card!

We sat outside feeding the fish bread crumbs and making funny faces for the camera.

It has been so cold here and it has killed my poor lawn!
No rain has also made for a very low lake!

But any day with our grand kids is just the best!

I am going to pay-it-forward with a drawing from all my comments today until 9pm! I will send you this month's Bloggy Book, firefly lane by Kristin Hannah and a Starbucks gift card for $10!

Fore more Wordful Wednesdays visit Angie!

***Lab Report came back for Riley and her tumor was NOT cancerous!***

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday
I am reading firefly lane by Kristin Hannah for February Bloggy Book Club and I am half way through the book. This is a surprisingly good read for me, I had mistakenly thought it a romance novel and those really aren't my favorite novels to read. While there is some romance, it is predominately a great story of friendship between two young girls that spans thirty years!
I love the time period that the novel takes place in...the girls are a year younger than I was at that time in the 70's. I could relate to all the happenings and place myself there in my own life. I couldn't however, relate to their friendship though, as my father was in the Navy and our family moved every two years of my life...making life long friendships difficult for me to form. I have a few very long lasting friendships but nothing that lasted since eighth grade...I am intrigued by these characters and I am enjoying this book so far!
What's your longest friendship and what makes it special?
Where were you in the 70's?
What was life like for you?

My daughter's friend, Sara Nelms is pursuing her dream...if you haven't helped her out..please do and enter my drawing for an iPod nano!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's NOT in My Wallet!!!

So...our girl is home and while she is in a little bit of pain she seems so glad to be home!

So, we have stimulated the economy of one local veterinarian to the tune of $1000.00!
We are not complaining but I can't help but daydream about wishing Riley didn't have to have surgery and how I would have liked to spend a $1000.00!
I would have loved to spend the weekend at the beach!!! One that accepts dogs of course!!

So...How would you spend a thousand dollars this weekend?
For more friday fotos visit Cute Candid Carrie!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for all the get well wishes for our girl!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simply the Best!

Update: Riley came through surgery fine...I can pick her up after 4pm. She was upset when she came they sedated her...:( but I can pick her up later today!

So...I am sitting here bawling my eyes out! Riley is in surgery or at least being prepped for it!
I feel like I have abandoned her...
Everyone has left such kind words and emails...Thank you so very much for understanding!
Those who think I am a bit crazy that's okay too!
Many of you said it is just a normal thing that occurs for dogs and that's what I am hoping! Her blood work did come back looking fairly normal...which is a good sign.
What happened is Riley took off running after a lizard (her mortal enemy) and followed it into some bushes and when she came out the cyst was bleeding and we couldn't get it to stop bleeding!
So, because of the location and the YUCK needs to come out! The vet was concerned about size, location and the fact that it had grown so quickly!
So, after a thousand dollars or so later and the trauma to Riley...she should be fine! She is the best dog ever!
Speaking of money, which reminds me of the economy...Anyone besides me a little worried?
I have had to stop watching CNN and reading the paper... I am seeing people lose their jobs in real life...I can't keep reading and watching this all the time!
For me...the simple things in life are the very best and since my accounts are dwindling to almost works out well, because simple is all I can afford right now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Valentine...Riley

This is my second daughter...I say that in all seriousness! I once said this around a young mother who got upset that I compared my love to this dog as a Mother's love to a child!
But, while I do love my children so very much and they me...this dog loves me unconditionally and has given me so much joy!
She was born on Valentine's Day 2002 and My Hubby gave her to me as a early Mother's Day gift... she has always been a sweet and loving dog!
We now have a Chocolate Labrador, as well, who is a lot of work but not our Riley, she is just a joy!
When my youngest, our last at home left home...I struggled with empty nest...missing them so badly...I didn't think I could bear it! Riley saved me!
I took her to the vet today because My Hubby discovered a mass or tumor on her back while bathing her...we both delayed taking her as I guess we didn't want to face the possibility of losing her.
She will have surgery on Thursday. They will send a section of the tumor to the pathologist and we will know in about three to five days whether it is malignant or not!

Our niece took these pictures of Riley and I like them a lot...I think Riley is very photogenic!
I know not everyone understands how I feel about Riley Valentine Baer...but she is a member of our family!

Riley turns 7 years old on February 14th and if she feels okay...we are taking her to the park for the day!

Happy Wednesday!
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holding Fast

The Sunday
I just finished reading Holding Fast The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy by Karen James, this was sent to me by my blogger friend Rhonda at A Day in Rhonda's Life. Rhonda got it from Jill at jill jill bo bill who has a very personal take on the story as it was about Kelly James, a childhood friend of her husband's.
I didn't need this story personified anymore for me but this added dimension of it being some one's friend made it more tragic...maybe it's me but some times these news stories seem so sad, that we or again, I tend to put them in little boxes labeled something other than real!
Because I had read Jill's account of the story, I was primed for a sad story and it is... but Karen James brings such a testimony of faith to the telling of her story. Because of her faith and that of her husband's you are not left with a story about a life ending but rather a life that was well lived!
This is a quick and compelling read that you will ponder long after you have finished the book. It is the story of Kelly James, his death and his wife Karen's struggle to understand what happened.

Recently, My Hubby and I found out that a business associate took his own life while alone. We did not know him well, but what we did know about him was that he was troubled and unhappy, and struggling financially! He didn't have many good relationships and certainly showed very little faith and I can't help but contrast his death with Kelly James! The contrast itself was startling, one in faith and a life well lived...the other alone and isolated and in despair!
Both families are surely devastated...but because of God's love and James' love of will continue for the James family while the other family may be consumed with a sad bitterness!
I often wonder if I could survive such a tragedy with my faith intact...I don't know... but I know I wouldn't survive it at all without my faith!
I had just finished reading Same Kind Of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore and I was startled to see their picture in the book and a review by them on the cover!
It would seem Karen has continued her painting and she had a joint art exhibition with Denver Moore in May 2008...I really enjoyed their book as well!

The first person who will commit to:
Read this book...
Blog about it and
Then pass it on to another blogger!
Just leave a comment on this post
and I will mail you this copy of Holding Fast by Karen James.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

92 Years Ago...A wonderful Lady was Born!

Our Family gathered all together at Granny's house to celebrate her 92 birthday! We are all so blessed to have her still in our lives!
My cute grand daughter!

The Cutest Boy in America singing "Happy Birthday!"

Let them all eat cake...except me....Oh My goodness!
Have a Happy Friday!
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Just A Number and There is Only 24 Hours to a Day!

This is a post that really won't interest most guys...and may offend some girls but it's my blog and my rant! I have issues with my weight...all my life! I am uncertain how it started and I am tired of wondering at this 50, I want to accept my body, make it strong and not be self -conscious anymore! I was very small almost my whole life...I am not small anymore and I have struggled greatly with this occurrence! I think many women look at me and think that I should just "shut it" about my weight gain and recently I have started to agree. Life is too short and too important to worry about a size! Even if I am now an odd size...I am a (S)Medium ...Haven't heard of that size? No...neither has any of the stores! But none-the-less that is my size! I have little bitty shoulders and a small waist...that's the (S) and big boobs and butt that's the Medium! I bitch and complain and My Hubby is always patient but perplexed by what the big problem is! My friend, Karyn sent me this picture and I finally understand something!!!
Real Men don't care what we look like...they care that we are healthy and happy! I love Pierce Brosnan and Keely Brosnan is my hero!

Here is Mr Brosnan getting caught in a compromising photo...with his wife!!!
I was opening this email when the Hubby walked in...I called him over!
"Okay, I am going to ask you straight out... Is she fat? I asked with that look he dreads...that "this is a test look...for the next sixty seconds..."
He looked like a deer caught in the head lights of a semi-truck!
"Ronda" ...he starts cautiously as if handling nitroglycerin...
"She has an Hour glass shape!" he smiled as if he had hit the ball out of the park.
"That man loves his wife as I love you and she has an hour glass shape!"
Then my Hubby smiled the smile that I fell in love with and said while leaving the room...
"She has a 24 hour glass shape!"
I love my Hubby but...
Mr. Pierce Brosnan will always be my favorite Bond...James Bond!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Out There!

It's cold here in Florida...not the good kind of cold! This is Virginia...where the good kind of cold is!

These are my fearless children...getting ready to have fun!

My oldest son getting just the right camera angle!

My daughter, so cold and yet having fun!
This was a sad time for us as we were losing My Hubby's father to kidney disease and we went up to Virginia to say goodbye! At one point during the week all the grand kids, with our blessing went to this ski resort to spend some quality time out of the sad time came a beautiful memory for all of them! We all have a special memory of that week, a sad and happy and very cold memory! We miss you Leonard!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day, Honey!

Thanks for being my Hubby! Thanks for teaching our children this movie! Thanks, for "getting it!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bloggy Book Club

The pick for February is firefly lane by Kristin Hannah..I would put a picture of the novel...right about here but I can't get blogger to work for me today!
This is a novel about two women's friendship that spans thirty years...a friend suggested it to me.

I am currently reading Big Russ & Me Father and Son: Lessons of Life by Tim Russert and so far I love it! We all learn from our Dads...whether we are aware of it or not, whether it is a conscious act on either participate... we learn!

I have a book I do not recommend...
My Hubby and I had to take a business trip last weekend so we looked for a book that we could listen to on CD! I paid actual hard earned money for this crap...yep that's what I called it crap!
I am not concerned about offending this author as I bet ...he will be tickled pink that I think it is crap!
The book I hate is Why We Suck by DR. Denis Leary...I put the bold font by his title as this would appear to be fairly important to him as you listen to him put the emphasis on his title numerous times!
We stopped listening at the third CD!
I wanted to like this...I really did! It's just awful for the sake of being awful! He insults everyone and I mean everyone...except his wife...God love the saint of a woman! He has a filthy mouth and I am not easily insulted...
However...let's just makes me uncomfortable hearing a man describe Britney's Spears private parts knowing he is old enough to be her father....GROSS!!!
But...where the actual book might be better as opposed to the audio version...DR. Denis Leary has the most annoying voice...EVER! As I listen to him
read the book all I can think of is ...this is a really bad impersonation of Joe Pesci's Leo Getz in Lethal Weapons 1-18! It sent me over the moon...and not in a good way...OKAY!!! OKAY!!!
DR. Denis Leary, I may suck but.... Buddy you suck more!
I know he is laughing all the way to the bank!
That's all I got...
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