Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reminders, Random Thoughts... or Confessions!

Last Day for The Bonnie Hunt Show Give-away entry...Go here. We will draw tonight at 5:00 pm and announce tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October1, 2008...hopefully bright and early...we'll see how it goes! Ronda's Rants is very flexible! We don't believe in writing anything in stone!

Brenda from Queen of Good Intention's has tagged me. That means I have to tell you seven random things about me.

1. First off...I am not flexible ...that is a lie...I admire people who are flexible and take things in stride. I do not. But, God is working with me!
2. I have been forgiven and I have forgiven and it is a lot of work and I struggle with accepting forgiveness, asking forgiveness and being a forgiving person. But, God is working with me.
3. I am an Olympic worrier...not warrior...I try very hard not to be the Eeyore of our family but I still struggle...that and swearing like a drunk sailor in a foreign port-of- call! God is working with that as well, if only I would try harder!
4. My faith is very important to me...God has done things in my life, that are really miracles, things I wouldn't have thought possible!
5. My children are happily married or engaged and that has given me more joy than I can express. I have the peace that comes from knowing they have a love that will endure their whole lives.
6. My Hubby and I have a strong marriage but not always peaceful and for years I have envied people who seem to have a even keel marriage, while mine has been stormy! But, through our marriage difficulties my Hubby and I have grown in our faith and love for God and each other. This is one of the many miracles I spoke of in #4 and the struggle he and I share in #2. But, God is still working with me.
7. Recently, in the real world someone talked about my blog in a complementary way and wanted to give my blog address out in a public forum! I declined not very gracefully. It shook me in a way that doesn't make sense. It is public domain anyone can read it and I am aware of that however...I immediately thought of deleting it the moment I got home...I am wondering why I felt/feel that way...I am pondering this and God is working with me! I am sure I will blog about it... before I delete the whole thing...Tee Hee!
If you feel like being tagged...you are tagged otherwise keep running!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

October Bloggy Book Club

For the month of October...I have chosen The Shack by Wm. Paul Young or William P. Young as I have seen it credited both ways. He has a blog here.
This will not be an easy read...The back cover page asks the question "Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?" This is a novel about a father who's youngest daughter is abducted during a family vacation and evidence points to the fact that she was brutally murdered in a shack. Four years later, in the midst of his great sadness, he receives a note apparently from God asking him to come to the shack for the weekend! What he finds there will change him forever.
This is the book I received from Rhonda at A Day in Rhonda's Life for her pay-it-forward contest...
We will all blog about it Sunday, October 26th.
** Candid Carrie is bringing the cheese ball.***

Bloggy Book Club

Well, let's see...I know this book was popular with many people and I did enjoy the idea of the Book Club itself...I really love hearing what others think of books and I do think our lives and perspectives color how we respond to a book in general. That being said...I did not really care for this book!
I enjoyed the first few chapters but I think I enjoyed them when I thought I would be given more information about the characters and to some degree I was... but it wasn't enough information for me to care about them. I think a big point of reading a novel is that you care about what happens to them as either individuals or as a group and I never really did develop that relationship. I actually feel badly about picking this book for the Bloggy Book Club.
This book did make me want to be a part of a book club in real life and I want to start one...there are things you can do in a real life book club versus the Bloggy Book Club that I think are missing from this forum...besides the cheese balls! I think it's easier to build that relationship with other people you wouldn't normally associate with based on the love of a book!

How many of you are in real-world book clubs and why do you enjoy them?

This book club in The Jane Austen Book Club contained very different people and yet they developed relationships with each other...ones I didn't care about... but they seemed to care about each other and I understand the importance of that kind of relationship!
However, I don't understand the appeal of this book...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Community or Cult ? You Decide...Next on The Bonnie Hunt Show

BTW...That won't be a real Bonnie Hunt Show topic...I was so kidding!!
MamaHut gave me this award and I think it is beautiful...I have seen others with it and have had a mild case of blog envy...I am not proud of this... just honest! I also want to say how funny I think she is and how I love where she lives...she hasn't just supported The Bonnie Hunt Show Give-away she has named her Alpaca Bonnie Ronda Hunt! BTW...I think Bonnie Ronda Hunt is far more beautiful than the other Alpacas!
OK here's what I have to do,
Explain the meaning which is...
To translate the gift from Portuguese to English, it means:"This blog invests and believes, the proximity"[meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy] I have taken this to mean a feeling of community.Many others have already received this award and I agree they do give us all a sense of community in this blogging neighborhood! I think of this in some strange way...as like when my Mom during the 50's used to hang out on the front porch talking to the other Moms or when she would have ladies over for coffee...I maybe wrong maybe I have joined some kind of cult and I am ready to drink the cool-aid! I don't know but I am having a good time! So, thank you to all of you...Many of you already have the award so I am going to try to acknowledge those who haven't and who make us all feel like a community so......

Speaking of Elizabeth...she is celebrating the two year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant...Yeah! To spread awareness of this awesome gift she is doing a Give-away...please stop by and see her. I have donated a Thanksgiving Coffee Basket to be used as a prize and there are so many other great prizes ...so send her some love and please tell all of your friends!!! Please remember my Give-away and the deadline...Candid Carrie is really in competition with me for the best Bonnie Hunt fan award so she is making some deals with the gods about who is going to win this thing. I will put the Grandson in charge of it so it will be Pre-school fair...which as you know is the fairest rules of all!!! Also, besides the great Bonnie Hunt Show Gifts...I am including another Thanksgiving Coffee Basket to this drawing as well...I love this company...just the best!!!

Visit The Bonnie Hunt Show

Friday, September 26, 2008

friday foto and Give-away!!!

Top Chef

Hubby and I never do well cooking together in the kitchen!! In this picture we look like we are thinking about how we can do away with the other one!! Two cooks in our kitchen at the same time spells disaster...It's my turn for Thanksgiving this year.
I have a give-away still going on for Bonnie Hunt Show and I am throwing in a Thanksgiving Coffee Basket mostly for Candid Carrie! Visit Travel with Ronda for my trip to The Bonnie Hunt Show.
The Drawing will be announced October 1, 2008...Good Luck!!
Visit Candid Carrie for more foto fridays.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Would Think About it... But, it Hurts!

We are in her office and she is gushing over everything he says and I am thinking seriously...
She is laughing over everything he is saying and I smile uncomfortably... she tells me he is a genius and I think uh-huh!
He is starting to lean towards her to whisper something and I can feel my stomach tightening and then she rests her hand on his arm and starts playing with MY HUSBAND'S shirt sleeve and I start screaming at her and... I... wake... up!!!

I have held a grudge all day against the Hubby about this stupid dream...I am trying not to...I know it's silly but it seemed so real. He has called me today numerous times to ask me business related questions, (I mean we have a business together) and I have snapped at him! I think I am insane and he knows I am insane...but there you have it...he misbehaved in a imaginary Realtor's office and I am mad!

That's what I have been Thinkin' about today on Thursday!

Also, my GIVEAWAY and how funny Candid Carrie is...I mean really funny! Please click on the Giveaway and enter for cool stuff from The Bonnie Hunt Show
Also, read about my trip to see her show at Travel with Ronda AKA Ronda's Rants on the Run!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Give-away...

Okay...My friend Eric...remember Eric who emailed me and thanked me for blogging about my happiness over all things Bonnie and sent me to links to The Bonnie Hunt Show!
Well, he suggested I might like to sponsor a Give-away for The Bonnie Hunt Show! So, my loyal readers...I am sponsoring a Give-away and you may receive a coffee mug and Sweat Shirt from The Bonnie Hunt Show along with some of her DVD's !!!!! Did I mention it's being sent directly from The Bonnie Hunt Show!

Here's what you need to do!
For one entry...Leave a comment on this blog post.
For two more entries...Mention the Give-away on your blog and direct them here!
For three more entries... become a follower of my blog...if you already are a follower...you automatically have four entries by commenting!
For four more entries... put Bonnie's Picture and link on your side bar. I used a picture gadget and linked it to The Bonnie Hunt Show!
Okay, that's a total of ten entries...per person!
Just leave a comment telling me what you are going to do and because I once was the Mother of teenagers and have lost all faith in humanity (not really!) but I will be checking...
This is really a great show and she is such a nice person so I am happy and excited to do this and I am wishing you all a lot of luck! The drawing will be held on September 30, 2008 and I will announce it October 1, 2008
I'll leave you with a clip of My Hubby and I laughing at Bonnie....look fast or you will miss us...I am in purple and he is the cutie pie in green!
The Bonnie Hunt Show Clip
and another clip from The Bonnie Hunt Show

Wordless Wednesday

For more Wordless Wednesdays visit 5 for Moms ...Some words about this picture...not the greatest picture because you can't see her precious, teasing me little grin! She was taking her little hand and spreading her fingers in the water to get maximum spray all over GiGi...I love, love how she and her older brother are fearless!!
For Wordful Wednesdays visit 7 Clown Circus

Happy Birthday Jill Jill bo Bill!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pass the Broccoli!

I am either a vegan or a vegetarian...I am not sure...I am trying to work it out though...as it seems important to have a label! I like vegetables, nuts, grains, beans and fruits and I have found that I just don't enjoy meat that much anymore. There are other reasons why but I hate to get into them as others seem to really take this personally...like I am making a statement about their choice which I am not. My Hubby is a meat eater as are all of my children...in fact... I only know one other vegetarian and she lives far away from me!! My Dad, in particular is concerned about my health! Or, the economy...what if everyone did this? What indeed?
I rarely bring it up (yeah, I know I just did) but when we eat out people seem to notice my meatless plate and take it personally! I am not talking about how they cooked the meal and invited me over because I would just eat it...No, I am talking about how we are all out and I am paying my own way and...they want to know "Why aren't you eating meat?" It's like it's un-American! Y'know like I am missing my flag lapel pin or something! I know I will still cook a Turkey on Thanksgiving and I will still do a Sunday Pot-roast because my kids love it but I just don't feel like eating it anymore...
Don't worry I'll keep shaving my arm pits, coloring my hair and wearing a bra, an industrial strength bra!
Visit Travel with Ronda for our Bonnie Hunt Show Experience!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Starbucks and Blogging and Bonnie Hunt!

My Hubby and I returned from our trip to The Bonnie Hunt Show...it was a "What the Fudge?" trip. I have said before this has been a brutal year for us with the economy and I know many others are having a difficult time, as well ...so it was nice to do something spontaneous in the middle of the week! We had a great time and I will blog-ument the trip on Travel with Ronda.
Traveling is such fun for myself and The Hubby...we love meeting people and seeing new places!

My Hubby caught me catching up on all of you!!! Starbucks and blogging...the best!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Isn't She Wonderful?

Well, she is rather pretty, huh?
Thanks to Blogstalker and The Queen of Good Intentions...I have this baby girl, er angel beauty queen!
Anyway, thank you...I would first like to thank The Hubby who is patiently tolerating this new addiction, namely the blogging! My pastor spoke of addictions in the sermon today and I swear she looked right at me when she said it! Hello...My name is Ronda... and I blog and rant!
However, I would like to bless my fellow addicts...I mean Bloggers with this fine Angel Beauty Queen...I am not going to pick people who already have this award but you have great blogs and you know who you are because I comment on your blogs daily!!! These are the ones...that have not been blessed with this particular award and they are great blogs that I enjoy and comment daily!!!
Gina at Lattes & Lipsticks
Dawn at Dawn's Place
Jennifer at The Fun House
Mamahut at Mamahut's House
Beth Ann at Team Thornhill News
Please pick anyone you feel is deserving of this award because you all rock!

Friday, September 19, 2008

We're Back....from The Bonnie Hunt Show!

Okay, Here's Proof we were at the Bonnie Hunt Show but...you have to look fast when they pan to the audience... I am wearing a purple shirt and The Hubby is wearing green! Look Fast or you will miss us!
The Bonnie Hunt Show Clip

We had a wonderful time and The Hubby was even telling the kids how much fun it was to watch the show! This is today's show and we stayed for Monday's taping which was also taped on Thursday.

friday foto finish fiesta

For More friday fotos visit Candid Carrie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What The Fudge!

Well, if all went well ...this post...posted on Thursday...and I am seeing The Bonnie Hunt Show today...if today is Thursday!
This is very unusual for me! Especially, for me and The Hubby to just take off work and go...we are pretending to be retired people!
Sometimes...you just need to say "What the Fudge!" (I am not swearing...My Grandson is going to read soon!)
So...If you said"What the Fudge today!"
Where would you go today?
And what would you do?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag..Tell Me More...

I have been tagged by Beth ann at Team Thornhill and so I must tell eight random things about me...first they are all random 'cause that's how I roll and second we are going to stretch to get eight 'cause I am just not that interesting!
1. I married young by most people's standards including my own, at age 19 because I just couldn't imagine not marrying him and I knew it was the right thing to do... for me. I did not want my own children to marry that young because it isn't easy. I have been married 31 years and more years have been happy than not but quite a few were not happy and the year between 15-16 was a hell-on-earth for both of us!
2. I love Politics, my Hubby does not share my love of Politics but we do agree on Politics which is helpful otherwise I am sure every four years would be hell-on-earth for him!
3. I had my children young which I have mixed feelings about that...I could have been a smarter, wiser mother if I had waited a little longer perhaps but I do enjoy being a younger grandmother as I have more energy and I think I am very helpful! My children have grown up to be wonderful people, in spite of my shortcomings but I am most proud of them and consider them my best achievement!
4.I own a construction company and have just become a travel agent and prior to that I was a Financial adviser for a local bank.
5. I have two dogs that have become my "other" children...a golden retriever named Riley who is 7 years old and we have just recently adopted a chocolate Labrador because her original family couldn't keep her any longer, she was already named Miley (cute, huh ?) and she is four years old.
6. I have two grand kiddo's who honestly could ask for any organ in my body, any day of the week and I would cut it out myself and give it to them... although why they would ask for an organ I wouldn't know! I adore them! A grandson who is 3 and a grand daughter who is 15 months.
7. I have a crush on James Garner...always have...he is a wonderful actor and I wish him to live forever and ever!
8. My Hubby honestly still makes me feel like a school girl when he walks in a room...I can't believe I still get this excited about him...I thank God everyday I was smart enough at 19 years old to grab hold of him and never let go!
Bonus...I apparently have a girl-crush on Bonnie Hunt because I am very excited about leaving tomorrow to see her show!!!
Okay...I have to tag eight people now...so let's see...I am just going to let you decide if you want the world to know more about you..
Today, is the very last day to vote for the Most Memorable Vacation over at my other blog, Travel with Ronda! You may vote for your favorite as many times as you like...the winner will receive a Thanksgiving Coffee Gift Basket! So get your fingers moving!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday...a Day of Thanks, Monday... a Day of Thanks Yous!

First...My Sunday School Class was exactly what God intends for it to be on Sunday...two or more gathered together where He is present and working among them! I am so grateful for every one's words and prayers. Those who said "Stick it out!" Thanks!
Those who said " Church is supposed to be a place where you feel peaceful and feel better after leaving...so may be you should leave!" Thank you... because you gave me permission to have my feelings and I needed that!
For the offers of vandalism...Thank you and I really love you for always making me laugh!
For the reminder of Ephesians about speaking the truth in love...a big Thank you as I for one can't be reminded of that one enough...truly humbling scripture for me and my little, okay, big mouth!
I did go back to class...I was very nervous...not for myself but for the teacher...I had only empathy for him. It must be difficult right now to separate your political beliefs at this moment of time in our country and then the added burden of teaching. I acquired this empathy because of your prayers and by speaking to others from the class who approached me. I was encouraged by their support of my words that day. One a Democrat, the other a Republican and both felt as I did...that politics should be left out of our lesson.
The Teacher's devotion this time moved me to tears and my heart was immediately put at rest and I think the Teacher felt the same. He said that some one from the class had approached him last Sunday after church and spoke with him about disagreements in our class and the teacher wanted to share this devotion because of it...It was a speech from John Paul II about love and unity for the church. I was filled with compassion for our teacher, as he is a good man who is serving God...it was a great lesson and I hope everyone felt the peace that I felt.
Thank you again...I am off to watch The Bonnie Hunt Show!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Salon

Just a quick blog for Sunday Salon"ers."..
I am reading The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler for the Bloggy Book Club and I am enjoying it very much!
For the Sunday School class I attend I am reading Eat This Book by Eugene H. Peterson, the same author who did the Message version of the bible. I am at chapter three and wishing this could have been written as a short article...not a good sign but I will persevere!
Enjoy your Sunday...I am off to the Cutest Boy in America's birthday party!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Not To Wear???

Okay...if I gave birth to you or nursed for the first two years of your life you may not want to read any further....Yes, kids that's you! This post is not for you!

I am 50 now and learning fast that there are now rules, actually many rules you need to follow and 50 seems to be that magical cut off mark...and I am not liking it!
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be that desperate woman in the room who still acts and dresses like she's 30 but some of these rules...are mostly just unsaid!
I was getting ready to turn off the TV, when Kathie Lee and some guy...I think named Kelly from What Not To Wear made "suggestions" for women over 50...this caught my attention and so I sat down and waited with my cup-of-joe.
While I waited...I thought about the changes my body has decided to completely do on it's own and the age spots that now even reside on my legs for God's sake!
I have a gained weight...I understand it may not be a lot of weight for some but it prevents me from wearing some of my clothes as they no longer fit and for me because I love clothes, this is like losing old friends, well toddlers really but still they are friends! I am coming to terms with all of this and my mantra has been I shall age gracefully...so this show was going to inform and enlighten me! But, this Kelly guy...his tone was a little condescending, like women over 50, maybe a little stupid as well, I think even Kathie Lee felt defensive. Let me say, there isn't a lot of role models...women who actually age and don't have plastic surgery! I have seen some actresses this fall season that I didn't even recognize...Anne Archer for one and Meg Ryan...What has she done to her lips?
So, according to Mr. Smarty pants...
1. No cleavage...ironically enough "the girls" just came in and I have to keep them under lock and key!
2. No shiny lipstick...spotlight those tiny lines around your mouth!
3. Longer dresses...50 year old knees shouldn't be seen!
4. My purse shouldn't match my shoes! Yeah, that's it...that was his advice!
5. The real killer...lower heels...I guess I could fall and break a hip!
I stopped my day for this earth shattering advice...that he dispensed so patiently to the disadvantaged Seniors of our world...Thanks!
Here's the thing...The Hubby and I are home alone with no children for the first time in over 20 years...and he would love me to dress like a Hootchie Mama! I ask, what's a 50 year old broad to do? I still like to dress nice and I love to dance...Do old people not do these things? I guess it hit me for the first time...50 might be old and yet I don't feel old at all!

Okay, kids you can uncover your eyes and ears now and come back into the room!

Friday, September 12, 2008

friday foto finish fiesta

They're Here!
My Bonnie Hunt Show Tickets!!!
We leave September 17th to fly to LA to see the two shows...two shows on Thursday, September 18th!
I will bog-ument the total Bonnie experience on Travel with Ronda!!
Don't forget to vote for the Most Memorable Vacation Blog Post at Travel with Ronda!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay... I want you to vote in this election year but I am also referring to the contest over at my other blog...
Travel with Ronda
We have 5 really great blogs about their Most Memorable Vacation! Some sad and poignant, others just really funny, sad and poignant! You may vote as many times as you would like and tell all your friends to vote for their favorite! Contestants... you may want to start your shameless begging...I mean... er... campaigning!
Voting stops on the September 16th and I will announce the winner on the 17th!
On the 17th my husband and I fly to Los Angeles to see The Bonnie Hunt Show...which has been my morning break-treat this week and she hasn't disappointed her biggest fan. I will blog-ument my trip on Travel with Ronda, hopefully with pictures with me and "Bon!"
But....I am a little worried as I don't have the tickets to the show...uh...they say that the tickets are in the mail!
Check out our great writers at Travel with Ronda and VOTE for your favorite!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Cutest Boy In America!

Happy Birthday...to my little man! For more Wordless Wednesday visit 5 Minutes for Mom

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love That Little Man of Mine...

Yesterday...I wrote from the heart and I wanted to say how thankful I am to those of you who wrote to tell me your thoughts...I genuinely appreciate your words of wisdom. I literally go back and forth with my decision...so I will keep you posted!
I have announced I am a liberal Democrat to the cyber-world...it is very liberating. I would like to reiterate that I do respect anyone who follows Politics...you don't have to agree with me...but please put forth the effort to know what is going on in your country. It is your responsibility...for yourself, your children and if you are so very blessed ...your grandchildren!
Nice segue...Tomorrow is My firstborn's, firstborn's 3rd Birthday...He is referred to by me as the cutest boy in America...he makes me so very happy! He is the ultimate cutie-pie!
Being blessed with grandchildren is like God's grace to me...I haven't done a thing to deserve this love from this child... but he does love me and I feel it as a constant in my life. This is how I feel about God's love...I don't deserve it...I just get it...and like my grandson's love...there is enough for everyone!
Have a good day!
PS. Tomorrow is the last day for entry for Most Memorable Vacation on Travel with Ronda. We have two very good entries so far...if you have one just leave a comment with your link info or go to my profile and email me. !

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday...not Peaceful!

My Hubby and I attend church faithfully...I say this not to brag or boast!

I attend church because I NEED it...it is my "easy button" to remember God is in charge...not me! I also need to be reminded of His Grace and that I constantly need it and that I need to give Grace to others... I don't believe you have to attend church to worship God...I do it, because I need it in my life. That being said...I have noticed that during the service and the Sunday School hour... our congregation is becoming separated along party lines...not all of us...but many, many of us. I have included myself in the "us" because I am a known liberal Democrat and I am not afraid to engage in any discussion about politics. I love politics! BUT... I LOVE GOD , HIS PEOPLE AND HIS CREATION, MUCH, MUCH MORE! I have many, many Republican friends...so I don't think that it is because I am intolerant that I am having this problem but...it might be that I am wrong!

The Sunday School class I attend is studying a book called Eat This Book by Eugene H. Peterson and the premise of the book as far as I can see (I am only into the second chapter) would be the importance of Christians using the Bible as opposed to other contemporary literature for listening to God and responding in prayer and obedience.

The opening devotion used by the teacher of this class was an OP ED piece by Judith Miller...the irony it would seem was lost on my Sunday School teacher...We discussed an obvious political piece in our Sunday School class during a discussion about the importance of using the bible for our instruction!

Now, I ask you if God can turn Lot's wife into a pillar of salt...Why can't he render me speechless for 25 minutes! I am sure this teacher and I both made a room full of people uncomfortable ...as I could see members of the room aligning with each of us! Why does Politics have to invade my time with my church family? My very best friend is a fairly conservative Republican and she loves me and has even bought me an Obama T shirt...and yet, I have another friend who I also love who sends me political cartoons characterizing my party as socialists! Why do some people think that your faith defines your party? But, if you do feel that way ...Why can't you see and allow this for others outside your particular party?

I ask that you pray for me...I want to drop out of this class...My Hubby said that he thinks I need to stay because my voice needs to be heard. I feel like this teacher is willing to give of his time to our class and I am grateful but he has a definite agenda as to what "Christians" should think and feel about current issues! I think he is intolerant and I am a distraction! This is a good man who loves God but he doesn't leave his politics outside the class and I don't look good in a muzzle...So, what is a girl to do? I am asking for guidance as I don't want to feel like this after leaving worship and I don't want others to feel this way because of me and my viewpoints! Okay...please comment...I can take it! Really...


Don't forget to watch Bonnie Hunt!

Don't forget to enter the writing contest at Travel with Ronda! You have until this Wednesday and then I close the contest and the voting begins!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Who's going to The Bonnie Hunt Show?... That would be me!... This girl here!... Ronda of Ronda's Rants!!

I have tickets for September 18, 2008...well not yet but soon....They are in the mail!

Now because Google is forever....I blogged about going to Bonnie's Show (first name basis) and got a very cool email from Eric Hansen who works for M80 and he contacted me on behalf of Warners Brothers who I am sure contacted me on behalf of Bonnie...who she and I are just like that...okay we aren't but as we already know I have a pretend life...

He emailed me some very cool information about Bonnie's show (again, check out the first name basis)

Anyway...I will blog-ument my trip to her show with pictures on Travel with Ronda but I wanted to share the information he sent...as I want this girl's show to do well.

I am very excited...she is very funny!

Here's what Eric ( first name basis...with him as well) sent me...

Bonnie Hunt has been called the best talk show guest on television. Now Bonnie finally brings her relatable comedic point of view to her own daytime talk show.
The Bonnie Hunt Show” will be taped daily so Bonnie can offer her unique perspective on the day’s events. From entertainment and pop culture to the news, Bonnie will talk to her audience and crew about anything and everything that’s on her mind. The top of the show is sure to become appointment television for viewers looking for a smart, funny, common sense reaction to the complicated world they live in.
Everything that Bonnie has done in her life has prepared her for this new role.From her working class roots in Chicago and her time as a nurse, to her training at Second City and her success in movies and television, Bonnie’s authenticity in the many characters she’s played has made her everyone’s favorite best friend, sister and mom.
As a performer, writer, producer and director, Bonnie has earned the respect of everyone in the industry including the biggest stars in Hollywood. “The Bonnie Hunt Show” will be a place where celebrities can feel safe, let their guard down and have a good time.
Bonnie’s love of everyday people will set her show apart. Growing up in a large, blue-collar family, Bonnie was instilled with the work ethic that has made her successful and a gift of gab that makes her so entertaining. Every day, Bonnie will introduce America to itself through the stories of its people. From the inspiring to the amazing, viewers never know whom they might meet but it will always be memorable.
Bonnie’s show will be wrapped around her personality. She made her mark in show business with her love of storytelling, respect for the audience, her sense of humor and now “The Bonnie Hunt Show” will bring all these qualities together.
The Bonnie Hunt Show” is produced by Bob & Alice Production and paraMedia inc. in association with Telepictures Productions and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

The Bonnie Hunt Show page on Facebook
The Bonnie Hunt Show on MySpace
Okay...I know I was VERY subtle with the link for THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW but really check it out...Robin Williams will be on Monday...Yeah this Monday, September 8, 2008!

Funny Videos...that blgger will not let me upload right now...anywho...This is the show Hubby and I are flying to Los Angeles to see...again THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW!!

friday foto finish fiesta!

I met a boy... cute as can be...
Oh...Summer lovin'
I know I am GiGi but....I think this is the cutest boy in America!Visit Candid Carrie for more friday fotos

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Makin' Me Some plans!

First...I am thinkin'....Whaaaaaatttt is it already Thursday?
Well, yesterday...I was sittin at my desk...pushing a pencil around with another pencil and thinking...Is this where pencil pushers came from? When my home phone rang...caller ID said unavailable which always makes me think...Me, too!
(I am totally stealing this schtick from Jill Jill Bo Bill's post, sorry)
Anywho, then my cell phone rings..."unavailable" has my cell phone number!
I answer..
"This is somebody from the Bonnie Hunt Show!"
"Oh, Hi Somebody from the Bonnie Hunt Show"
"Well, we see you were interested in tickets for the Bonnie Hunt Show, on September 18th!"
"Yes..." (I should interject here that in my pretend world I have time to fly to Los Angeles and see the Bonnie Hunt Show, at least that is what I was thinking when I filled out this information online!)
"Well, Congratulations ...we will be sending your tickets...let me just verify some information!"
"Okay..." (At this point do I tell this women I am a 50 year old women who has a pretend life or go along with this?...yeah, that's what I did!)
So, My Hubby and I are flying into Los Angeles on the 17th of September and staying two nights to see the New Bonnie Hunt Show...and we are so excited!!!! Yes, my Hubby took it all in stride...he sometimes resides in my pretend world with me!
I'll post pictures on Travel with Ronda and blog-ument the entire adventure!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That was Memorable...

Tell me about your most memorable vacation... whether good or bad, for whatever reason it was memorable... just write about it! Leave me a comment on my blog Travel with Ronda or go to my profile and email your blog info. I will then post a poll and let you, the readers decide the winner! This week until September 10th ...write your travel story and then we will start voting on September 17th, the poll will be open a week! Again, leave a comment or please email me so I can put your link on my Travel with Ronda Blog! Thanks and happy writing!

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There Are No Words!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Am Sleeping with the Enemy...

Yes, I am sleeping with the enemy...
He pretends to support me but nooooooooo....The foods he brought into this house to entice me to forget and succumb to the dark and less healthy albeit... happy side!
He nods dutifully, so convincingly when I say I want to lose these 10 pounds...yes I have gained back the 4 pounds I misplaced!
This long holiday weekend was only an excuse to fatten me up like a holiday turkey!
We have done things...
Things, I am too ashamed to even talk about...
Over the weekend, each time Valerie Bertinelli or Marie Osmand came on the TV, selling their miracle foods...I hung my head and cried!
I am a grown woman who literally is afraid to get on the scale...Not gonna do it!
Today is a new day, I may have lost the battle but I will win the war...
or die on the battlefield!

***I remembered also helping my Granny out of the hospital bed when she was there and she complained about how big her thighs were! I thought...Dear God! When I am 91...can I please make peace with my thighs!