Friday, September 5, 2008


Who's going to The Bonnie Hunt Show?... That would be me!... This girl here!... Ronda of Ronda's Rants!!

I have tickets for September 18, 2008...well not yet but soon....They are in the mail!

Now because Google is forever....I blogged about going to Bonnie's Show (first name basis) and got a very cool email from Eric Hansen who works for M80 and he contacted me on behalf of Warners Brothers who I am sure contacted me on behalf of Bonnie...who she and I are just like that...okay we aren't but as we already know I have a pretend life...

He emailed me some very cool information about Bonnie's show (again, check out the first name basis)

Anyway...I will blog-ument my trip to her show with pictures on Travel with Ronda but I wanted to share the information he I want this girl's show to do well.

I am very excited...she is very funny!

Here's what Eric ( first name basis...with him as well) sent me...

Bonnie Hunt has been called the best talk show guest on television. Now Bonnie finally brings her relatable comedic point of view to her own daytime talk show.
The Bonnie Hunt Show” will be taped daily so Bonnie can offer her unique perspective on the day’s events. From entertainment and pop culture to the news, Bonnie will talk to her audience and crew about anything and everything that’s on her mind. The top of the show is sure to become appointment television for viewers looking for a smart, funny, common sense reaction to the complicated world they live in.
Everything that Bonnie has done in her life has prepared her for this new role.From her working class roots in Chicago and her time as a nurse, to her training at Second City and her success in movies and television, Bonnie’s authenticity in the many characters she’s played has made her everyone’s favorite best friend, sister and mom.
As a performer, writer, producer and director, Bonnie has earned the respect of everyone in the industry including the biggest stars in Hollywood. “The Bonnie Hunt Show” will be a place where celebrities can feel safe, let their guard down and have a good time.
Bonnie’s love of everyday people will set her show apart. Growing up in a large, blue-collar family, Bonnie was instilled with the work ethic that has made her successful and a gift of gab that makes her so entertaining. Every day, Bonnie will introduce America to itself through the stories of its people. From the inspiring to the amazing, viewers never know whom they might meet but it will always be memorable.
Bonnie’s show will be wrapped around her personality. She made her mark in show business with her love of storytelling, respect for the audience, her sense of humor and now “The Bonnie Hunt Show” will bring all these qualities together.
The Bonnie Hunt Show” is produced by Bob & Alice Production and paraMedia inc. in association with Telepictures Productions and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

The Bonnie Hunt Show page on Facebook
The Bonnie Hunt Show on MySpace
Okay...I know I was VERY subtle with the link for THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW but really check it out...Robin Williams will be on Monday...Yeah this Monday, September 8, 2008!

Funny Videos...that blgger will not let me upload right now...anywho...This is the show Hubby and I are flying to Los Angeles to see...again THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW!!


Rhonda said...

You know, I think it's unfortunate that you got these tickets and you're going on a nice little trip ... And you don't sound excited at all! Sigh.

LOL! Kidding. I'm very happy for you! You'll be there for the taping? Will you find out when it airs? I don't even know if we get that show here. I know we used to a few years ago. (Lordy, has it been that long?) But, I'll watch it if I can. Just hold up a sign that says "Hi Rhonda!" if you don't mind? lol

Elizabeth said...

I've always enjoyed your friend Bonnie. I definitely plan to watch her show!

Blog Stalker said...

You and Bonnie, are like two peas in a.....what was it..... whatever....

I agree with Rhonda, you don't seem excited at all. Could you just fake it at least. lol

You actually are probably going to help increase her ratings all by yourself what with all the info you r friend Eric left you and then you shared with us. I don't care for shows like that and you made me want to go watch her.

Sounds so fun!

Mamahut said...

Oh I love Bonnie Hunt. You are such a lucky girl!

KeepinUnity said...

lol ronda it sounds a great adventure!!!id never herd of her before,but now i feel as though i know her and eric personally myself,lol xox

jill jill bo bill said...

Will you still love us "little people" now that you are rubbing elbows with big stars? I love her! And I am jealous.

Jennifer said...

I really hope her show does well! She seems like such a nice person. I can't wait to hear all about your adventure going there--I wonder who the guests will be on your show??

Dawn said...

I hope the show does well and i'm excited that you get to go!

Teri said...

Oh, that is soooo cool! Dave and I hung out this summer while I was in New York (you know, David Letterman). He digs me.
Have fun with Bonnie.

Nic said...

I love it! can 'hear' your excitement!!! Sounds really fun, you'll have a fab time!

And your blog will now become a haven for all Bonnie fans, what with all the google hits you'll get from it!

Beth Ann said...


Seeing BONNIE HUNT on MY BIRTHDAY sounds simply divine!!!!! How funny you knew she was here and I didn't! LOL
Bonnie and I go back, way back..when we were little everyone called us the B & B twins....She had the humor, I had the looks. Or was it she had the looks and I had the humor...? Anywho...Cant wait to read all about it! Stop on through Palm Springs if you get a chance! (smile) I'd love to meet you in person! Ill show you my salt collection, we'll have a glass of wine, and talk about my old friend Bonnie!

American in Norway said...

oh I love Bonnie Hunt... I hope we end up getting her show over here!

Fifi Flowers said...

Wow... show sounds great! Thanks for giving all the info! Can't wait to see you on it!
ENJOY the rest of the weekend!

Beth Ann said...

Hi You!!!!

My awesome package came with my mug, and finally got to open it! I wrote about you and the wonderful package! I included links to you and your adorable banner, is that okay? Email me if not, and Ill take it off, but it looks so good and advertises your site good! LOL
Thank you and I'm sending you hugs all the way from Palm Springs! It'll be weird you being on my end of the world when you see Bonnie! Have a great time! I cant wait to read about it!

Brenda said...

Stop by for an award on my blog!

Kori said...

You are going to have SO much fun!

Candid Carrie said...

I heart Bonnie Hunt. And Madelyn Kahn.

Bonnie Hunts last show was hilarious! Her comedic timing is fascinating.