Friday, October 30, 2009

3o Years of Fun and Joy!

My son's 30th birthday was on the 27th of this's quite the milestone!

When I had him...I was quite young at 21...and.... s.c.a.r.e.d!
I have muddled through parenting...just trying to do the best I could...lot's of praying!

My oldest son changed my life and made me happier than I could have possibly imagined.

I simply did not know joy until I met him. I delighted in all things he did as Rob delights in all he does...he puts his heart into the task and...tries hard to make it fun!

Because of him...I wanted more and more children...I thought I had not wanted children...until I had him!
I love you Rob...Happy Birthday! Thank you...for all the joy you and your family bring me!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scary Man

I have blogged about Scary Man or Scared Man as he has been labeled by another and if you want the whole story it's here!

I was volunteering at the Cafe where we feed the homeless last Monday night and I was behind the line dishing the food into plates as other volunteers were serving our guests. I looked up as Scary Man was walking in, a volunteer greeted him and he said without smile..."Please give this to the lovely lady smiling in the back" and without another word he handed her a large green leaf that he had picked!

He did not speak to me again all evening and he left without saying "Goodbye" or even a "Thank you"

I know this much from my encounters with Scary Man...
He is educated as he speaks knowledgeably on many topics from Science to Shakespeare and he knows the Bible inside and out.
It is heartbreaking...he is mentally ill and he might be better if he took medication.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking For Contrast in the Dark.

I was looking at a friend's pictures of his vacation and he had taken an opportunity to try different lens settings for a unique look. Another bloggy friend had a picture that contrasted light and dark while capturing the moon and sunset in the same frame for a truly beautiful picture.

It got me thinking about my life...I have had some dark times lately but even in the midst of those times I have had some truly beautiful light filled moments.
I wonder... Is that where God is...Is he there in those moments...clearly that IS where and when I see him!
But...if He is there then and I do believe He is...then surely He is there in the dark, as well.
I don't always feel His presence in the dark times...but yet I know He is there.

If I don't always feel His presence ...How do I know He is there? Is God hidden in the shadows?

They say that hindsight is 20-20. I can look back at two incidents in my life that were the worst times of my life. If you would have told me at the time that those would be times God was blessing me... I would have said you were full of "proverbial stuff"!
But...God did bless me and while I would not want to relive any of it...I am glad that it happened because my family and I were made stronger.

I can look back on my life and clearly see that God was there and working in our lives and I believe He is here now...working in the dark.

Have a great week...I am trying to learn to manage a new work schedule and make time for my love of blogging. I am sorry I haven't visited in a while...I am looking forward to an extra hour to my day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Turn... Turn... He's Four! Turn...Turn...He's Thirty!

The Cutest-Boy-In-America turned four and his Mama made him the coolest cake...he asked for a Dinosaur cake and he got it!

Russ Robinson took these great pictures and many others that day...this is my oldest son's oldest child...and this month my son turns 30! It seems like only yesterday he was the age of the Cutest-Boy-In-America...

Time flies....
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Yes, he is biting it's head off!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things You Learn From Being Unemployed

1. It's nice to have a steady paycheck...I mean really nice...and you miss it and remember it fondly!

2. You discover who your friends are...they are the ones who can still make eye contact when you say..."I am afraid and I am worried." They also don't say things like "Your unemployed and your over 50!"

3. You gain ten pounds...I don't know why... but you do.

4. You have to fight...I mean fight... the desire to nap for a reaaaaaalllllly long time.

5. You are grateful...really grateful when you do find work and you pray for others who are looking for work...because you have been there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bloggy Book Club

I am late with this post as with some book reviews I have done!
I have been in the midst of a pity party and if you have ever had one or been an invited guest...
then you know they aren't that much FUN !

I am reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol for October's book club and I am actually quite excited to read it! I could use some excitement...right about ... NOW!
Rules are easy...
Read and Blog Sunday, October 25, 2009.

Stop Talking and Listen to Others!

Dear...To no one in particular and everyone else:

My business is failing...we don't have any work. My company is allowed to fail by my government as I am clearly not "too big to fail"! I am not being political here although I am sure there are some who will take it politically because that is what this country does!
We have become a country of talking heads who never listen!
I would like someone to hear my pain...
My company, my family business is failing...Don't look away! Don't marginalize me with "Monday Night quarterbacking" ...I know there are many others like me. Don't send me your stupid email forwards with the analogy of "The Ants and The Grasshopper!"

I am not asking for money or even sympathy...I am asking that you hear me.

My business that my sons, my daughter, my husband and I have poured our hearts and soul into is over. Our dream, our American dream is done. The sadness sometimes washes over me and I cry...I know God has plans for us and we will move forward but allow me my sadness.

I once took a course on customer service training...and one statement that I have never forgotten...
People's perspective is their reality...their reality is their truth...even if it is not the is to them! They can not move forward until you hear them.

I am trying to make a new reality and a new truth for me.
I encourage everyone to stop talking and listen to others...Hear what they have to say!

No one special.