Thursday, January 29, 2009

friday foto Help Sara Nelms!

Meet Sara Nelms..she is in the middle...She would like to tour with Little Big Town and I would like you to win a iPod nano!
Do you remember having a dream and working really hard to make it a reality? Do you remember all the kind people who helped you a long your way?
Well, help Sara, please!
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Please Vote for Sara Nelms!

This...the cute blond on the left, is my daughter, Rachel and on the right is her equally cute childhood friend Sara Nelms. All of you Moms and Dads with grown up kids know how you feel about your kids friends...You love prayed and worried over them as if they were your own!
Our whole family actually loves Sara...she is beautiful inside and out, and funny! When Rachel's two brothers are asked about which friend of Rachel's they like the best...and Rachel has ton's of friends...the guys always say Sara! She is just a very special person, she also is a very special person who can SING!
She has entered a contest to go on tour with Little Big Town and I am asking you to vote for her and then I am asking you to spread the word!
This is my mission, folks! I want her to win!
If you vote for her and then leave a comment on this post telling me you did... I will enter you for a drawing for a ... wait for it...
If you blog about it and link to where others can vote for her, our Sara...then I will give you a total of ten entries!
Little Big Town-Demand your favorite band!

Vote here and look for Sara Nelms! Thanks!
Contest ends February 26 and I will announce the winner of the iPod nano February 27!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bonnie Auditions for Idol and She is a Little Trashy!

BONNIE HUNT AUDITIONS FOR “IDOL” --- exclusive clip!Much of the talk this week is about the return of “American Idol” and a new judge. But there’s also the return of BONNIE HUNT who reprises her role as the most talked about housewife, Kim Zolciak, from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Kim is the trashy wannabe country singer that can’t carry a tune to save her life! Bonnie (as Kim) auditions for IDOL in a segment airing this Wednesday, Jan. 28 on THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW.
I love the Bonnie Hunt Show and it should be very funny today! The Real Housewives of Atlanta however, are a little scary to me!
For those of you who may not remember...I went out to see The Bonnie Hunt Show 'cause I am her number one fan!
I hope to be able to go/stalk her again soon!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Time to Buy Girl Scout Cookies!

So...I was sitting at the desk in the office, still cursing blogger when the door bell rang.
Lickety split, the sweet dog we adopted turned into the Hound from Hell, running and throwing herself at front door to protect her meal tickets from ringing door bell which only I and said dog can hear! (Whew...out of on sentence!)
But...Hubby can hear Hound from Hell though...
I stay, bottom firmly planted to my chair, while Hubby answers door.
He says..."It's a girl scout!"
I, who have not eaten anything fun in weeks, weak from fighting off brownies and sore from Pilates answer " Tell Satan's Spawn to move along!"
To which my husband answers his usual answer..."WWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTT?
So like a person who is weak from hunger and lacking any God given sense...I yell
"Tell Satan's Spawn to move along!" just as my Hubby is opening the door.

Little girl scout couldn't decide if she was more afraid of actual Hound of Hell in front of her or Unimaginable Scary Lady in the other room!
Hubby takes forever telling her "No, thanks!" because... he wasn't telling her "No, thanks!"
It would seem sweet girl scout's father was standing right beside his sweet daughter and he wasn't amused by me at all! So, My Hubby being of good sound diplomatic mind bought two boxes!!!

Two boxes that I will eat...I am sure!
However, I might get to keep living in the neighborhood!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bloggy Book Club and Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon.comSame Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent was Bloggy Book Club choice for January and I loved this book! I don't know how I missed this book when it was first published but I did... I am thinking it is Divine providence that I read it now.

My Husband and I work once a month at a Cafe for Homeless, the third Monday of every month is "our Monday." It is a wonderful organization and a privilege to be a part of a group that is doing something tangible for so many! There are important rules set in place for good reason however there have been long moments that I have struggled to not cross an important boundary...( another post!) It is in those moments I believe I find God because I want to find him.

This book tells the almost unbelievable story of Denver Moore who grew up on Plantations as really nothing more than an indentured slave, never having the opportunity for an education!

When I type this...I think...about my love of reading and Denver never having the opportunity to learn reading or writing and then I think...this happened in the United States of America!

It is the story of a beautiful marriage, full of life and it's struggles and the testimony of God's healing love. It's the story of a God's vision for His people as given to a woman who will be stricken with cancer and God not healing her! Finally, it's also the story of an unlikely friendship and a shared ministry!

I loved the way the story is written...alternating in first Denver's voice and then in Ron's...sharing their personal perspective and insight!

I had read peviously, the book No Experts Needed The Meaning of Life According to You by Louise Lewis and at the end of that book she asks us to define "What is the meaning of life?"

I have prayed about this...and I had my answer all along but I felt it wasn't "good enough!"

It is and this story convinced me of it!

For me the meaning of to serve others! It gives me joy and I feel closer to God as I am serving!

Same kind of Different As Me ( at least the paperback edition) has questions answered by the authors...

One question that made me think...

In some communities, homelessness has reached epidemic status. What do you think is the ultimate solution to this problem? How has your perception of homelessness changed over the past few years?

Ron: In my opinion there is no solution to the homeless problem. However, there are many ways to improve the conditions for those who fall into that state: (1) Relationships build trust and trust leads to accountability. This is the point where lives can be changed; (2) Encourage and fund the reconciliation of families. The simple cost of a phone call and a bus ticket home have resulted in getting people off the streets and back at home. We have heard many stories like this from our readers; (3) My perception has changed greatly after knowing hundreds of homeless people and hearing their stories. Only by taking the time to listen can you discover that most homeless people started off in life much like everyone else but were often thrown off track by a tragedy and circumstances beyond their control. But by the grace of God, I avoided a similar fate.

Denver told me that faith-based organizations, government programs, and well-meaning individuals fed him and kept him alive for all those years on the street, but it was the love of Miss Debbie that caused him to want to make a change in his life.

Denver: God says the poor will always be with us. I don't believe there is a solution but if people were more like Miss Debbie, homeless folks would be treated better.

I enjoyed this book and I recommend is told from a Christian perspective but I think others of different faiths would enjoy it!

This story is really about humanity and we are all humans!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now This Is Funny!!

I had this really funny post, I mean... very clever post for today but blogger won't let me upload the pictures! I have spent two hours cursing and thinking up ways to do bodily harm to blogger!
But, finally I have accepted defeat and you my deprived readers will just have to make do with these other very funny blogs!
Try these....
Queen of Good Intentions
Halftime Lessons
Candid Carrie
Jill Jill bo Bill
Diane's Addled Ramblings
Coach Blogger
I was so much funnier... (Well, you just won't ever know will you?)
Don't blame me...blame blogger!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am George Bailey...

I have been busy all day adding up last year's business totals...surprise we really didn't make any money!
So...friday foto almost snuck up on me!
These are pictures of the "Cutest boy and girl in America" ...
picking out their Christmas's a reminder to me that I am wealthy no matter what my checking accounts say! I wonder if IRS can tax this blessing!!!

Visit the ever cute Candid Carrie for more friday fotos!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are pictures of my first Pilates class...this one was easy as opposed to the second and third ones... the already-paid-for-You-can't-have-your-money-back-ones!
My first class was learning to breathe properly...add that to the ever growing list of things...
I am not doing right!

See...we look like twins here... if your idea of Twins is that movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito!
Here's a position I haven't been in awhile...let's see how old is my youngest?
The second Pilates class was with the owner of the studio/torture chamber and I knew I was in trouble from almost the first moment...
She knew I had paid in advance and I knew I had paid in advance so she didn't have anything to lose (meaning my money!)
We started quickly and almost immediately I am throwing out the age card....
So I said...
"Yea, this is a little hard for me since I am 50!"
This was met with deadly silence! I then say...
"Yea, I am now on AARP's mailing list!"
She turns and smiles and with her perfect English with beautiful Russian accent says..."Do you know I was Russian Gymnast?"
God help me, Jesus I think! "Uh, No!" I say.
"You should read my bio!" and she points to this machine and says "Hop on barrel and le-t-t-er!"
My eyes try to follow her finger pointing and find a barrel and letter while I look blankly AND NOT AT ALL SMART still not finding a barrel or a letter!
I finally realize she is saying barrel and ladder and she wants me to put my leg at a 45 degree angle on the ladder and bend towards it!
I think about the money I have spent on these classes and wonder if liposuction is indeed that painful. I mean really how painful can it be?
I smile cutely and say "You know you being Russian and all...You may not know that you can't torture people on American soil!"
She smiles more cutely back! I am stalling and I look around and say..."So which machine do you use for the water boarding?"
She smiles and pats the barrel and ladder and I raise my leg and tell her ...
"Look...I don't know what you want me to say but I will...whatever you want me to confess to...I will...I did it!"
She pats the machine again... and I know I am not getting out of this and also that I will never have any sort of top-secret government clearance as I could never be trusted with any sort of secrets!
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It's a Beautiful Day!

Dear God
I really don't have words to express how thankful I am! There are many of my black friends who thought they would never live to see the day a man of color would be President of The United States but today it will happen. May you guide him and protect him and keep his heart balanced with your love and the love of his family. May our nation be blessed and may we be a blessing to others because of our love for you. Father, God may our nation take responsibility for the choices we have made and may we be given the strength and wisdom to work hard to create a Nation our children and grandchildren will continue to be proud to call their country, our home of the free and the brave!
Father, God be with all our service people and please bring them home safely and quickly and be with their families here as they endure life with an important someone missing from their daily lives.
Thank you, God for this beautiful day!
In Your name I pray, Amen

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lisa asked and I am tellin'!

Lisa from Adventures in Jujuboo has given me a great set of questions to answer...she also has a great blog so make sure to visit her!

Question one:We all know how much you enjoy traveling and your dream job would be to become the new Samantha Brown. I want to know the one place you have gone to that you would go to over and over again. Where would you never go again? Where have you not gone that you want to go? (ok, that was 3 questions, but they all fall under the same category)
We would go to Palm Springs, California over and over again! We have a friend who owns an amazing home there and we love the scenery and the weather! I don't think there is any place I would never visit again...I am not comfortable in cold places but I would still go there!
I have been to Europe but My Hubby hasn't...I would love to see Europe with him and we would love to see Alaska!
Question two:I saw how much fun you had planning the recent engagement party at your house. Have you ever thought of doing catering or party planning as a career? I would love to plan events or seminars and especially to have them at exotic places!
The food aspect would probably be too stressful for me...I enjoy feeding my family and people I care about though!
Question three: We have a running joke in my family that when the smoke alarm goes off my mom is done cooking. She ALWAYS burns the bread or the rolls. I grew up thinking garlic bread was black and very, very crunchy. We call it Cajun style. You look completely at home in the kitchen, even when your hubby is in your way. Have you ever cooked anything that turned out totally awful and no one ate it?
I asked my Hubby this question because I can't remember anything I made no one liked and he said that it would be true that that hasn't occurred! That may not be a reflection of my cooking as much as my family's style of eating...Tee Hee! I am a vegetarian now but I still make the foods that they enjoy!

Question four:I know if I asked you which book changed your life or gave you a new perspective I know you would say the Bible. So, I will ask the second most important book that you have read in your lifetime. Tell me why I should read it.
I actually wouldn't have said the Bible (shock, huh?) The reason is... I was raised in a home where I was always introduced to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and The Bible on a daily basis. My faith just while I think the Bible is beautiful and I mean no disrespect when I say's like a dictionary or a map or an atlas to me. I am reading it daily but I have my perspective changed through prayer and meditation!
A book that did change my life and my perspective dramatically was The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, my marriage was very troubled and I honestly didn't think my husband loved me even when he said he did. This book conveyed a simple message that we all receive and give love differently based on how we were raised and other factors. It is written from a Christian perspective and it changed my marriage, my parenting and my life in a very dramatic way and for the better!

Question five:OK, that last question was a big one, so I will ask a simple one. What is your favorite color and why?
Simple answer Red, but I like it in a combination of other colors that do change!
I did like Red, khaki and beige. Now I like Red, Black, pale blue and yellow with some khaki and white!

Now it's your turn if you would like me to interview you just leave a comment and I will email you the questions!
Here's the directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny!

This is a five generation picture of my Grandmother who turns 92 today and my mother, myself, my oldest son and the "Cutest Boy in America" when he was a newborn!
This picture was taken three years ago...but Granny looks the same!
I love you Granny...Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best grandmother anyone could ever have!
I love you!

Granny watching me trying to be a good Granny!

This is how you do it!

How much love she has shown with those hands!

"Is he okay in there?"
granny asks as she sees how it's done now-a-days!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

friday foto

Here's what I wear during the day...very little if any make-up and my comfy clothes!

We have a home office and I do the book keeping and other non-fun things....'s what I am really doing!

Have a great weekend!
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friday foto!
BTW...if Carrie has overslept...just let yourself is in the fridge!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A True Story of Following Spirit's Words to a Life of Meaning

I just finished reading No Experts Needed The meaning of Life According to You!

by Louise Lewis

It's a great Spiritual book and timely with today's economy the way that it is.

So many of us stay at dead end jobs or jobs that make us feel unhappy or unfulfilled...but what would happen if you were suddenly let go?

What would you do?

What would be your next step?
That is exactly what happened to Louise Lewis, she was let go and after being "set free" from her job she decided to take some time off and let God / Spirit guide her.

Out of that guidance came this book...that asks individuals ...What is the meaning of Life?

All different answers from all different people, some she knows and some she is related to and still others are strangers she meets on her travels! Some are famous and others just seem to be in-the-right-place-at-the-right-moment! But, Louise feels led to all of them by Spirit.

This is a light hearted spiritual book that may make you think about all those moments in your life, that in the past you felt were luck or coincidence... may have been actual spiritual moments.

At the end of the book...she asks the reader to define:

What is the meaning of life?

I am still pondering my answer!
Visit Louise Lewis for a free pdf version of the book.

Sometime's God says NO!

My husband has a file on the computer labeled Plant House and in that file contains these pictures...I call it the "porn file!"
When he has a spare moment he looks at this file and says a silent prayer that God will work it out that he can have this house!

Yes...this house!
This home was built in 1915 and refurbished...unfortunately the couple gave birth to a son who would eventually leave a pot on the stove and burn his parents house down!
You thought you were having a bad day!
We did make an offer on this house and the fine gentleman turned us down and wouldn't move off his price!
I thank God everyday that he did not
but my poor Hubby prays that God will make a way!

So he continues to dream and pray that we will have the opportunity to remodel this house!

I continue to thank my Lord and Savior we will not have that opportunity!!!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Kind of Panties Do You Wear?

This is completely stolen from Third Culture Kids R is so funny!

In the middle of my Pilates class...I was ready to change "My Party Affiliation!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Move it, Move it, Move it!

My foot is better. However, only when I do not walk on it and certainly not run...this has not been great news for me! I stay off of it and then try to return to my morning walks or afternoon treadmill and the pain returns! So...I am going to try something new! Near my home is a Pilates Studio and my first class is this morning...The machines look a little "torturous" but I am excited!

I have a feeling soon more than just my foot will be hurting!
Check out who won the contest on Travel with Ronda!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a lotus grows in the mud or in a car ride...

The Sunday

My daughter and I had a road trip of sorts...a quick trip to Orlando to collect money from a customer who doesn't want to part with it and while I understand that desire, they need to pay us!

My business has evolved to me spending a good portion of my day reminding people they need to pay me and me fielding calls from people who would like me to do the same! FUN!

You may wonder why I don't take either of my six foot sons with me on these collection trips, as they are more intimidating than my only daughter and the answer is simple... she likes to listen to books-on-tape (or CD!)

So, "Thelma and Louise" stopped by the library and looked for a mutually satisfying easy task as she is 25 and I am not! I thought maybe the Twilight series but she wasn't interested and there wasn't a huge selection to begin with..but we did find Goldie a lotus grows in the mud by Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden. We decided that would be a good one... as I had previously started it and not finished it, as was my prior behavior with reading books.
So, this was a good one to get off my book shelve!

This is not your typical celebrity isn't told in a lineal fashion but more in a " I remember, one time when this happened" and then you are transported to a different time and a different place in Goldie Hawn's Life. This is not a Hollywood negative comments about people but just great stories about her life, her work, her travels and her family. She is truly a unique person and while I am not anything like her, I appreciate her nature and the fact that she is so funny and that she lives her life to the fullest!

The book is co-written by Wendy Holden and I liked the style of the writing and the fact it wasn't in chronological order. After listening to more than half of it on CD, and it was fun listening to Goldie narrate her much fun in fact after we got back...I picked up the book and finished the rest of her story!

I, now have this terrific memory of Goldie Hawn reading to me and my daughter...I ask you what is better than that?

Friday, January 9, 2009

See Kori Ask Ronda

Kori at See Kori Rant asked me some really great questions and I want to answer them but I also wanted to take just a moment to say something about Kori and her blog.

She has an honest blog! I admire her honesty and realness. She is a great Mom but also admits her struggles...she is in a word fearless and I admire that very much!

These are great questions!

In your New Year's post about resolutions, you said something about not gossiping any longer because it doesn't feel like much fun. Was there one thing in particular that happened which caused you to notice this?
No, not really one thing but I have found myself in situations where gossip would start and I didn't think I could comfortably stop it without seeming judgmental or I felt like I would hurt the other person's feelings. But...about 14 years ago, My Hubby and I separated due to marital problems for six months; and good, well meaning people gossiped about it and my daughter heard some things that were said and she was very hurt by it all. I guess that's really when I decided I never wanted to be a part of that anymore! I just excuse myself and walk away or I say I am sorry... but I just feel like we shouldn't keep talking about this!

2. In the photo on your blog page, the header, you look so relaxed and happy; who took that photo, and what does he/she mean to you?
My Hubby took the picture, while we were on vacation together and he means everything to me. We have known each other for almost 35 years and married for 31...we were high school sweethearts! We don't have a perfect marriage but he is my lover, my best friend, and the most important person in my life. We work very hard in our marriage and besides my children it is the one other thing I am most proud of.

3. If money or time were not an issue, where would you go on a dream vacation, who would you take, and why?
I would go on a cruise around the world and take My Hubby and my children and their families.
Being with them and seeing the world together would be heaven on earth for me!

4. You are obviously a strong believer; have you always had such a strong faith in God? If not, what happened to solidify that for you?
The honest answer is...I thought my faith was strong until my marriage faltered and then it was tested "big time!" I always felt like I was a "good girl" who tried to do the right things and when it started to fall apart I felt like...God wasn't holding up his end of the bargain. It was a hard time for me...and even weakness is my relationship with My Hubby...I can bear almost anything...but when things aren't going well in that relationship ...I am "shaken and stirred!"
But...I have learned that I will be okay because of God's love no matter what my circumstance! But... I was not a quick has been a hard lesson for me.

5. You have the chance to be an animal for a day; what kind would you be, and why?
One of my dogs...I think. I have a Golden Retriever, named Riley and a Chocolate Lab., named Miley and I think they are just the loyal and affectionate. I would like to know if they are really happy and I would love to know what they think!

Enter my contest here at Travel with Ronda!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is How We Wash The Clothes... children were harmed in the making of this photo!
My grand daughter loved doing she is fearless!
Happy Weekend!!
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Dream Job

Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods preparing to eat Pig's Tongue with Hair Moss...Yuk!! DOUBLE YUK and Who's hair moss? Not his!!

I am sitting here once again's lovely really...I am listing all the things I would rather do for a living.

I would love to travel...actually, I would like to be Samantha Brown from The Travel Channel.
Now...I don't want to be that guy who eats all the freaky stuff...Andrew Zimmern...clearly he got the short end of the stick!
No... I want to be Samantha Brown and travel and talk about it! I noticed she drinks a lot, too...there's a perk! She always has fun drinks and fun places to go!

Samantha Brown has my life and I would like it back!

What's you dream job?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daughter-in-my Heart

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-my-heart!!
When my son married you we as a family got the best gift of a life time! Of all the things he has done that has made me proud of him...choosing you sweetheart, as his wife, tops the list!
I love that my grandchildren pick up books and settle into my lap for me to read to them...and I know it comes from a Mommy who reads to them daily! I love that they are fearless because you love them unconditionally! I know my son feels loved and valued because he has you by his side. My daughter and my other son have a real sister in you and know your love through your thoughtful nature.
Some say in-law but you are always, always in-my-heart!!!
I love you!
Happy Birthday!
Love, Ronda
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Take Inventory and Say Yes!

I have had such fun reading every one's blogs about New Year's Resolutions...everyone seems to have an opinion! Some like them and buy into it and take it somewhat seriously...I am "sitting" in this category! Others, don't believe in them siting waste of time or setting oneself up for failure...maybe true.
I think if you don't do them however, you are missing a great opportunity for self examination!
Business' do inventories...and I think of New Year's Resolutions as just an opportunity to find out what our inventory's are like!
I also do this same kind of idea on my birthday!
This isn't always written down and certainly not etched in stone but I do take it very seriously!
I have had some huge "failures" such as...

I am not going to swear anymore!

I am going to read my bible everyday!

I am not going to gossip anymore!

I will journal everyday!

Here's the thing though...
I hardly swear anymore and that IS saying a lot for me and I am humbled by my inability to control my language!
I really do read my bible almost everyday...because that is my desire but it didn't happen in one day or one just became a habit...I am curious and I look and then I read all about it.
I don't like gossip because it no longer feels like took awhile but I walk away and try to think if the person is standing here would they want to hear what I or the other person is saying.
I don't journal really...I don't know why that one was hard for me. I just didn't seem to make the time for it...even though I enjoyed it. But now I blog... I think I get many of the same benefits as keeping a journal.
When I turned 50...I realized I had spent a lot of my time being careful and afraid!
So...I decided to live each day fearlessly since then. I just ask... "What would a fearless person say or do!" So...since turning 50 I am saying "yes" more often instead of "no" !! Because of this simple question...I have recently said "Yes" to something I would have been too scared to do otherwise. But...I, Ronda said "Yes!" fearlessly!
In the year 2009...My Hubby and I together have decided to pay off all of our debt, again. Build up our savings, feel physically fit and travel to those places on our bucket list!!!
Don't do resolutions! But do take inventories...What's working for you? What's not?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Salon and The need for Appropriate Clothing

The Sunday

This great Christmas and New Year's was spent doing things I truly enjoy...not because I would have chosen to do them, as Christmas is too busy! But... because I had injured my foot and had to stay off of it, I got to enjoy my favorite pastimes! My joy was made more complete when I chose to wear comfy clothes...I was fine with it until my daughter said "Didn't you have that on yesterday?"
and I answered "Yes...I did!"
and then when I hobbled out to the mail box and the new-across-the-street-neighbor said.."Oh, You are a nurse...Where do you work?"
and I answered "No...I am not a nurse...Why do you ask?"
and she logically pointed to the blue scrubs I had been wearing for two days!
So..I am back to bathing and dressing appropriately but it was glorious while it lasted... I watched simply a ton of movies and have read my little heart out and have planned a year's worth of trips to travel with the Hubby! Life is good!
I just finished The Last Lecture by (the late) Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow. If you are unfamiliar with it it is the book about his last talk entitled The Last is given on the premise that Professors are asked to consider their demise and to ruminate on what matters most to them. His lecture and his subsequent book was made very powerful given the fact he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
This book expounded on the theme and was a culmination of everything Randy had come to believe. I highly recommend this book...I loved it for many reasons but especially as his wife and children will receive the proceeds.
To learn more visit the web page The Last Lecture. This is not a book about is a book about living!
I have just started a book about...The Meaning of life according to you! I know because it says so right on the cover...I have been intrigued by it since the first page! I try to be a "lemons to lemonade" kind of girl, sometimes well, sometimes not so well, but I do try!
The book is a spiritual book entitled NO Experts Needed by Louise Lewis and as I said I was intrigued by the very first page as it has one of my favorite quotes by T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding" from Four Quartets

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

The author has graciously offered a (pdf) copy of the book. She states it's simply her way of giving back to life...
You may find it here at NO Experts Needed.
This is a wonderful book for me to read at this stage of my life but I suspect it would be for others for various other reasons!

Friday, January 2, 2009

fashionably late to friday foto!

Here is my best advice...if you find a guy who is nice to small children and he's cute... marry daughter did!

This is my very handsome son-in-law with the Cutest Boy in America!

Now look in the foreground...that's my cute guy, playing kitchen with our grand daughter and that is one of the many reasons why I married him! He is kind to children and animals...this is always the kind of guy to marry...always!!!

Happy friday..for more friday fotos visit Candid Carrie!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Shiny Bright New Year!

Happy New Year!
We spent a normal evening at home for New Year's Eve watching was great! We made our Resolutions/Goal lists together and had a toast with a glass of was very romantic!
Our list is pretty simple and easy...

We want to eat less and move more!
We want to spend less and save more...
We want to travel, travel, travel...
and I want to read, read, read...
on that note...
The bloggy Book for January is Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent.
The rules are the book and blog about it the last Sunday of the month...this month that is January 25th.