Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Take Inventory and Say Yes!

I have had such fun reading every one's blogs about New Year's Resolutions...everyone seems to have an opinion! Some like them and buy into it and take it somewhat seriously...I am "sitting" in this category! Others, don't believe in them siting waste of time or setting oneself up for failure...maybe true.
I think if you don't do them however, you are missing a great opportunity for self examination!
Business' do inventories...and I think of New Year's Resolutions as just an opportunity to find out what our inventory's are like!
I also do this same kind of idea on my birthday!
This isn't always written down and certainly not etched in stone but I do take it very seriously!
I have had some huge "failures" such as...

I am not going to swear anymore!

I am going to read my bible everyday!

I am not going to gossip anymore!

I will journal everyday!

Here's the thing though...
I hardly swear anymore and that IS saying a lot for me and I am humbled by my inability to control my language!
I really do read my bible almost everyday...because that is my desire but it didn't happen in one day or one year...it just became a habit...I am curious and I look and then I read all about it.
I don't like gossip because it no longer feels like fun...it took awhile but I walk away and try to think if the person is standing here would they want to hear what I or the other person is saying.
I don't journal really...I don't know why that one was hard for me. I just didn't seem to make the time for it...even though I enjoyed it. But now I blog... I think I get many of the same benefits as keeping a journal.
When I turned 50...I realized I had spent a lot of my time being careful and afraid!
So...I decided to live each day fearlessly since then. I just ask... "What would a fearless person say or do!" So...since turning 50 I am saying "yes" more often instead of "no" !! Because of this simple question...I have recently said "Yes" to something I would have been too scared to do otherwise. But...I, Ronda said "Yes!" fearlessly!
In the year 2009...My Hubby and I together have decided to pay off all of our debt, again. Build up our savings, feel physically fit and travel to those places on our bucket list!!!
Don't do resolutions! But do take inventories...What's working for you? What's not?


Anonymous said...

My entire life I have been a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kinda girl. Resolutions to me imply having rules, a commitment.... something to adhere to, and I've never done well with obeying the rules. I take life as it comes, flying by the seat of my pants... works well for me. The only commitments I do make are to my family members and very very close friends. If I were to ever deem a resolution to be necessary I could do that any day of the year and have always been curious as to why people need a New Year to become resolute.

Diane said...

I now call them 'goals' instead of 'resolutions' and I agree 100% that doing them allows for self-examination, which is rarely a bad thing. Oh, and I've committed to living more fearlessly as well!! I'm a little scared, but we'll see how it goes ;)

Jennifer said...

I like resolutions b/c they inspire me to action. I like to look at the New Year as a clean slate and a good chance to start fresh on things. As you said--even if you don't *perfectly* do as your resolution states--even a partial attampt is better than nothing!

Brenda said...

I love how you call it an "inventory" instead of resolutions. I feel the same way - the New Year is like a do-over and we have a chance to re-evaluate aspects of our lives that we would like to see be different.

Debbie said...

That really sums up what I try to do. I will make one or two "resolutions" but otherwise I try to do the inventory on a continual basis. You seem to be in a very healthy place Ronda. Good for you.

dddiva said...

Inventory- I like that a lot better than resolutions.
I am more of a trying to be the best me possible all of the time kind of gal. It works for me whereas resolutions feel like musts which make me say heck no. ;-)

Rhonda said...

I did make some resolutions this year. One is the standard, lose some weight, resolution. I'm not telling very many people, because they will just watch every single thing that I do or eat, and just naturally wait for you to fail. It sucks. A few people know, and I'm okay with that, but someone at work asked me yesterday if I was losing weight and I told her "No. But thank you!". And I left it at that. lol

Only you, my fearless friend, would have to practice saying yes! Most people have a problem with the no word! Good for you! So, what did you agree to???

♥georgie♥ said...

there is No way you are 50! You look like you are in your 20's...
I have turned resolutions into possibilities...easier for me to attain that way!

Ronda's Rants said...

Anytime...you want to pick up the kidney...it's your Georgie...but it is 50 years old!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Ronda. I totally agree. I made some resolutions this year because I do want to make some different life choices. But even if I'm not perfect in keeping them....at least I took the time to examine things in my life that I need/want to change....and we all have to start somewhere! Great post!

Karyn said...

Because my resolutions are embarassingly the same year after year, I decided to look at the obstacles to keeping my resolutions and how I can overcome them. For me, not getting enough sleep contributed to some degree to not meeting my goals!
I like the idea of taking an "inventory" at birthdays too.

Tiffany said...

TAG!!! You're it...on my blog!