Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag..Tell Me More...

I have been tagged by Beth ann at Team Thornhill and so I must tell eight random things about me...first they are all random 'cause that's how I roll and second we are going to stretch to get eight 'cause I am just not that interesting!
1. I married young by most people's standards including my own, at age 19 because I just couldn't imagine not marrying him and I knew it was the right thing to do... for me. I did not want my own children to marry that young because it isn't easy. I have been married 31 years and more years have been happy than not but quite a few were not happy and the year between 15-16 was a hell-on-earth for both of us!
2. I love Politics, my Hubby does not share my love of Politics but we do agree on Politics which is helpful otherwise I am sure every four years would be hell-on-earth for him!
3. I had my children young which I have mixed feelings about that...I could have been a smarter, wiser mother if I had waited a little longer perhaps but I do enjoy being a younger grandmother as I have more energy and I think I am very helpful! My children have grown up to be wonderful people, in spite of my shortcomings but I am most proud of them and consider them my best achievement!
4.I own a construction company and have just become a travel agent and prior to that I was a Financial adviser for a local bank.
5. I have two dogs that have become my "other" children...a golden retriever named Riley who is 7 years old and we have just recently adopted a chocolate Labrador because her original family couldn't keep her any longer, she was already named Miley (cute, huh ?) and she is four years old.
6. I have two grand kiddo's who honestly could ask for any organ in my body, any day of the week and I would cut it out myself and give it to them... although why they would ask for an organ I wouldn't know! I adore them! A grandson who is 3 and a grand daughter who is 15 months.
7. I have a crush on James Garner...always have...he is a wonderful actor and I wish him to live forever and ever!
8. My Hubby honestly still makes me feel like a school girl when he walks in a room...I can't believe I still get this excited about him...I thank God everyday I was smart enough at 19 years old to grab hold of him and never let go!
Bonus...I apparently have a girl-crush on Bonnie Hunt because I am very excited about leaving tomorrow to see her show!!!
Okay...I have to tag eight people now...so let's see...I am just going to let you decide if you want the world to know more about you..
Today, is the very last day to vote for the Most Memorable Vacation over at my other blog, Travel with Ronda! You may vote for your favorite as many times as you like...the winner will receive a Thanksgiving Coffee Gift Basket! So get your fingers moving!!!


Dawn said...

Great answers! I'm with you on the young mom thing. I wish I'd have waited, but being a young grandmother is great!

Lisa said...

Awesome answers. I love these things as it lets me know about the people who write the blogs I love to read.

I also go married at 19, but hubby was still 18. We had Juju at 22 and Boo at 24. I would have had them sooner if I could have, but I knew that we needed a few years to just be us and get used to being married before we had kids. We just celebrated 12 years in August.

Jennifer said...

It's so great that you've been married that long but still feel like a schoolgirl when your hubby walks in--good for you guys!!

So what's your tattoo? I need to know!!

Ronda's Rants said...

Scroll down to my labels and under tattoo...I have three posts. I have a picture of me getting it and the actual tattoo and my daughter's tattoo!

Diane said...

I think you are just that interesting :). Wish you lived in Hburg... we could do lunch! :)

Cool tattoo... I've been thinking of getting a small one on the inside of my wrist but I've heard it HURTS right there. I'm not a fan of pain, really, so I'm being a chicken.

Rhonda said...

I have also been with my hubby since 19. We didn't get married right away because we ended up having a little one first. (hee hee ooops?)
And I also had my kids young (21 & 23) which paved the way for me to have a life when I was still young enough to enjoy it. Then we had Olivia when I was 31. Not so smart, but we adore her to bits and she is spoiled rotten by her older sisters!

Oh, and BTW, you were supposed to get your pay it forward gift yesterday. Hopefully it will come today if it hasn't come yet, so you have it before you leave tomorrow!!!

Enjoy the Bonnie Hunt show!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I told my girls the other day that I want them to get married when they meet someone who puts her before himself, will treat her like a princess and want to be her partner... and whether that happens when they're 23 or 33 or 43... I don't care.. I just begged them to please please please NOT settle!!!!!

amelia bedelia said...

cool that you still feel that way about your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Very cool list!!!! I love Politics too....and I'm sure I drive everyone crazy. Its like World Cup Fever every 4 years!!! I have a girl crush on Rachel Maddow...do you ever watch her? So smart...

You know, I became a mother much later and it was probably a good idea for me because I never have been real patient. But I think its harder because I have less energy. You were probably better off to have them young.....so like you said you are still a young grandma too....I'll be an old fart grandma.

Ronda's Rants said...

I watched her last night...on CNN! She is very smart and a little sarcastic...love it!
We didn't plan to have our first child...he was a surprise present and I was very nervous about being a Mommy..I was only 21 but I was very happy to be a Mom...my favorite thing in the world really!

Jennifer said...

Hi Ronda--Now that I see your tattoo, I think saw it before (I must have blanked)! It looks great!!

Gina said...

These were fun!! Thanks for sharing!!
I married my hubby at 19 too. And became instant mom to his 3 kids.


Anonymous said...

My own mother married at 19, and had me when she was 20. She also bugged me to not marry young. By the time I turned 30, she had been bugging me to get married for 5 years. I finally pulled the trigger at 31.

I enjoyed reading through your blog. Great work. I came via The Blog Stalker. Still catching up on all the sites he culled from around the internet.