Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bloggy Book Club

The pick for February is firefly lane by Kristin Hannah..I would put a picture of the novel...right about here but I can't get blogger to work for me today!
This is a novel about two women's friendship that spans thirty years...a friend suggested it to me.

I am currently reading Big Russ & Me Father and Son: Lessons of Life by Tim Russert and so far I love it! We all learn from our Dads...whether we are aware of it or not, whether it is a conscious act on either participate... we learn!

I have a book I do not recommend...
My Hubby and I had to take a business trip last weekend so we looked for a book that we could listen to on CD! I paid actual hard earned money for this crap...yep that's what I called it crap!
I am not concerned about offending this author as I bet ...he will be tickled pink that I think it is crap!
The book I hate is Why We Suck by DR. Denis Leary...I put the bold font by his title as this would appear to be fairly important to him as you listen to him put the emphasis on his title numerous times!
We stopped listening at the third CD!
I wanted to like this...I really did! It's just awful for the sake of being awful! He insults everyone and I mean everyone...except his wife...God love the saint of a woman! He has a filthy mouth and I am not easily insulted...
However...let's just makes me uncomfortable hearing a man describe Britney's Spears private parts knowing he is old enough to be her father....GROSS!!!
But...where the actual book might be better as opposed to the audio version...DR. Denis Leary has the most annoying voice...EVER! As I listen to him
read the book all I can think of is ...this is a really bad impersonation of Joe Pesci's Leo Getz in Lethal Weapons 1-18! It sent me over the moon...and not in a good way...OKAY!!! OKAY!!!
DR. Denis Leary, I may suck but.... Buddy you suck more!
I know he is laughing all the way to the bank!
That's all I got...
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Coachdad said...

Loved the Tim Russert book...he was a great man. Loved the political coverage with him involved.

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Leary book!

Jennifer said...

Dr. Denis Leary? Is that the actor guy? It sounds awful! I have heard good things about the Russert book and the other one sounds intriguing too.

Ronda's Rants said... is the actor guy who up until I read his book...I liked! But, now I see him as rather creepy! He would say...I just don't have a sense of humor!

Debbie said...

That book made me uncomfortable just hearing you describe it:)

Elizabeth said...

That's Denis Leary's REAL voice, you know!
I'm in for Firefly Lane, it's a good one. Can you let me know what the BBC entails? Thanks!