Thursday, July 10, 2008

Think about it Thursday

I was thinking...

It has been two years since my husband sold his "gas guzzling" truck and we became the couple who have one vehicle. We have been a one car household for two years and counting and counting and counting! This was a combination of a financial and moral decision as I really felt uncomfortable contributing to global warming and wanted to see if I could make a change. It was really the first time since I was 16 years old that I did not have a car titled in my name, as our remaining vehicle just happened to be in just the Hubby's name. It was weird, and at times, still is. I think sometimes, we identify ourselves too much with what we drive and where we live.

Just the logistics of running errands and sharing the vehicle for work has been difficult, even though we work together, I have had some humbling moments, especially the first year.I find it difficult to ask for help... and sometimes as much as we planned, things just came up last moment and I would have to ask for a ride somewhere and my pride was bruised a couple of times. At those times, I would remind myself, a) why we were doing this and b) how much money we were saving by conserving gas and by not paying taxes and insurance for another vehicle and c) I can stop this at any time! I have to say, I am surprised it has been two years...I thought it had been only one until my husband corrected me. It is funny how this has changed me...I wanted a Toyota Prius, brand spankin' new Toyota Prius, prior to my carless two years, and I had planned on buying that when we did buy a vehicle. I thought that would really be the car that I would want to be identified with but now I have decided I don't much care what gets me from point A to point B and I almost don't want to buy another car period (I said almost.) So, we are thinking still about whether we will or will not be a two car couple again...but I have decided I will buy a very used but loved Toyota Corolla because I like what that says about me! This two years has given me time to really appreciate and value possessions and to think about the expense and responsibility of owning a car. I am very proud of our savings, not just financial but of a valuable resource.
What are you thinking?
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Nic said...

Well done you. I truly wish we could do the same - if you think driving is expensive in the US come over to see us in the UK sometime.

But we both work in different places, different (him weird) times and the girls have to be in a different place again for daycare. Public transport is a we go on, being legally robbed and pumping out carbon. :(

Kendrawolf said...

You guys must be saving money like crazy right now!

Ronda's Rants said...

We are saving...but every bit helps right now with construction industry down in Florida.But God is good...because we made this choice before our business slacked off...I do believe He goes before us and makes away!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thanks, Nic.I know Americans complain about the price of gas here but all over the world people pay more for gas. I lived in Cornwall, New Quay during the 70's and I did think at that time your public transport. was better than our pratically non-exist here!