Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!! Big Seven O

The picture on the top is James Garner, who is not my father...however I once heard him on the Tonight Show talking about politics and his opinions were more in line with my thinking than my real Dad's ( He is there with the pretty lady on the right, that's my Mom) They have been married over 50 years, which is good because I am 50. Anyway... after seeing Mr. Garner on TV, I called my Dad on the phone and told him that I knew I was adopted and that James Garner was my real Dad because our politics were the same. My Dad from that day forward would let me know whenever my "real Daddy" was on TV. My Dad is as handsome as James Garner but James Garner knows politics!

My Dad turns 70 today and he is a great Dad, grandfather and I am pretty sure my Mom would say a good Hubby! We all love him...and none of us would know what to do without him...really!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Ronda's Dad!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thank you...we had a was fun!

Karyn said...

Your parents look great! No wonder you are so gorgeous. xo