Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thelma and Louise's Daughter's Big Adventure!

He did a great job! I just was a very big baby.

So, Monday, got a tattoo.

Sometimes, reality doesn't just "bite" it hurts big time.

First, I am glad I have it, second I do not understand why anyone would ever get a second tattoo!

My Mother (keep in mind, I am 50) said "This is the dumbest thing you have ever done"...Wow, is she forgetting some pretty big events in my life. Apparently, I have lived them down! Maybe, I just erased them with this current event. She also said there would not be a mother-daughter bonding between she and I similar to my daughter's and mine, because as she reiterated ..."This is so dumb, Ronda" and, it might have been...I look at the pictures and have to say my idea of what I was doing and the reality of what occurred doesn't mesh well. I made less a fuss giving birth to three children without pain medication than this tattoo. Let's just say I behaved poorly and I don't think I am allowed back into the tattoo parlor. The only daughter is showing off the red marks on her poor hand! I don't even remember squeezing it! In addition, my colorful language was so bad she was pleading with me "Mama, No!" Not the religious experience I thought I would be having! It reminded me literally of Peter denying Christ while the rooster crowed. I honestly thought I would pray and breathe quietly through this experience. Some guy next to me got a tattoo of a very colorful "whatever"and sat through smiling while I screamed like a banshee! The experience wasn't what I had planned...Life is seldom what we plan...but look at my daughter! I had the best time with her...albeit a little painful and that is a gift from God!

Note: After the swelling goes down...I'll take a picture of the tattoo.


Rachel Marie said...

You are too funny. I had the best day, too. Great memories :) And you were very brave Mom. I can't wait to see it post-swelling!!!

Ronda's Rants said...


Karyn said...

I cannot decide if y'all look more happy or beautiful!

Ronda's Rants said...

Well, Rachel is beautiful and I look happy it's over!