Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tag You're IT!

Jennifer at ttp://thefunhousejennifer.blogspot.com/ tagged me--well I read her blog and it said "you're tagged" so I'm taking her up on it! Her challenge is to write six quirky things about yourself...

Now I am thinking...just six...Honey, I could come up with 600

1. I apparently made funny faces with my mouth when I ran bath water for my children...I see no reason why this defect would have gotten better with time so I assume it is only a matter of time before the grandchildren point it out!
2.I can NEVER finish a cup of coffee...I pour it and drink it and then leave the gross cup some where and can't remember where and then pour myself another cup...only to discover the other cup later...my Hubby said it is like the scene from the movie Signs with all the glasses of water!
3. I LOVE,LOVE, hot weather it is the best but I can not go outside without sunglasses which presents a problem because.... I lose my sunglasses or eyeglasses regularly!
4. I have started talking to myself...I thought I just talked to the dogs...but sometimes, I've noticed they aren't in the room any longer... I think by definition...that IS talking to oneself!
5. I am a Christian and I try to be a very moral person and any dirty kind of joke makes me very uncomfortable but.....I have been known to... on a occasion... perhaps more than once... swear like a drunken sailor! I know that's not quirky...it's sinful but...there you have it.
6.I love to travel but HATE to fly really, really HATE to, but I make myself go because I love to travel!

Remember she only asked for six...I have got 594 more!
Tag, You re it!


Brenda said...

Those are some of the quirks that make you so special!

Ronda's Rants said...

Special...yep I am special!!!

Jennifer said...

Those are good ones! And those would all pass my husband's test of the difference between a quirk and an interesting fact. I leave coffee cups all over the house too and--here's one of my dogs' quirks--they drink my coffee! Ew!

Rachel Marie said...

HA! #2 is too funny because apparently I now take after you. But I leave a full glass of any beverage EVERYWHERE. True, in the morning it tends to be coffee. Mitch HATES it, but I know he secretely LOVES it :)

Ronda's Rants said...

Yeah, that angry look means He LOVES you! I think he would probably like you to stop, I know your father wishes I would.