Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's What I am Thinking...

I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday who could feel sorry for herself but she does not seem to feel this way, she could be angry but again she does not act that way! Instead, we laughed for about an hour on the phone...thank you...dear friend it was a gift to me!
Life for many of us hasn't turned out the way we planned. We should be angry, many of the people who "talk" on TV!
I guess the people I know or at least those closest to me...did feel anger initially and then it turned to a more productive state of mind...acceptance...which I think has resulted in creative ideas!

My sister and her husband are both out of work...they are living off their savings...they have grown a garden and literally eat the fruits of their labor! My sister is someone I admire...she has not become a bitter person but rather still someone who has maintained her sense of humor.
She called me to chat and she said for the first time in her life she doesn't mind answering the phone and talking to telemarketers.

First Call...
"Yes" my sister answers.
"I see that you and your husband own your own home out right..."
"and that you have excellent credit!"
"Yes" my sister agrees...
"And do you also see that both my husband and I have lost our jobs!" my sister adds.
"Have a nice day, Mrs. Smith!" telemarketer replies before hanging up!

Second call...
Recorded message states "Are you tired living paycheck-to-paycheck?"

My sister stops listening and says she starts longing for the good old days when they did live paycheck-to-paycheck!

I am not making light of people's pain but my sister has not given up...she has a great sense of humor and I don't doubt she will find a job! I realize not everyone has family, friends and a support network...believe me I know as I volunteer once a month at a kitchen that feeds the homeless.

While I was in St. Augustine I met a woman named Joanne...obviously struggling...she had health issues and her family had fractured due to an argument and she does not attend church...she does not seem to have a support network of any kind!
But...she still had her sense of humor and she and I laughed together. I know I was important to her because I reminded her of the good... life still had to offer.
I am not suggesting you strike up a conversation with a stranger but if you know of someone who is hurting...please listen and make them really is the best medicine!
That's what I am thinking...

*not her real name....Duh?


LoLo said...

laughter is always the best medicine. You may not always know the hurt others are going through and the time you make them laugh may help them get through the rough patch. I love you

Betty said...

So so true! Anything is more bearable with humor! :) Thanks for reminding us!

Pearl said...

Ah! A reminder to me to count my blessings! My husband went to 32 hours two weeks ago. I found out today that I start a 32 hour work week next week. But you know? It is all going to work out!

Justine said...

I think it's wonderful that you sister can keep a positive attitude, and DO something positive (the garden) to help them out while money is so tight. Not many would be willing to literally dig down deep for answers.

Justine :o )

Debbie said...

With a great attitude like that, your sister is bound to come out on top. You two remind me of each other with your great dispositions.

Rhonda said...

The cuts are starting here now. I don't really understand what causes the whole recession, i.e. media scaring people into not spending a single dime causing the economy to plummet, but it's scary. Really, really scary!! I try to do it all with my sense of humour, though. I like to think that while it keeps me going, that it does the same for others. There's nothing in the world like getting a good belly laugh out of people!

Karyn said...

If it comes down to laugh or cry, I would rather laugh! And if someone thinks I am crazy, maybe they shall send me to a nice padded room with a thorazine drip. Win-win!