Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Your Ghost Holy by Shay Bills

I have just finished reading Is Your Ghost Holy
Eight Principles for evaluating Your Walk in the Spirit by Shay Bills. I am actually late in reviewing this book as I wrote the date down incorrectly when I agreed to read the book.

I was intrigued with the title and topic of this book...there are not many in my denomination, that feel comfortable talking about the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Helper or Comforter. I am sure I have just made all my Presbyterian friends angry with this blanket statement and convinced the author of this book of our quick trip to hell...but I am just telling my experience. We, I believe as a denomination do not acknowledge what we know to be true and that is the evidence of the Spirit working in our lives.

The Back cover states:
Discover how his Word shatters residue doubt and uncertainty. Learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost, by applying the Word of God and trusting His promises. His Holy Spirit will awaken and reveal the hidden crevasses of your heart, mind and soul and fill you with His wisdom. Called by some, a spiritual journey, Bill leaves no stone unturned when removing the superficial layers of spirituality.Once read, you will walk boldly and confidently in the knowledge that your inner man is holy, therefore you are called to holiness, according to Scripture. From uncovering Truth to understanding your Purpose, you will conclude this book having gained more wisdom, knowledge and power of the Holy Ghost that dwells inside of you.

First, as I mentioned I was supposed to have had this done two days ago but I wrote the date incorrectly on the calendar...had I done this two days ago I would not have had the opportunity to discuss it with my daughter beforehand. I think this matters as the conversation was enlightening to me and I know this blog entry will be richer and fuller because of it...Thank you my daughter! Thank you to the Spirit of God as well because I do know when it moves in my life.
As I wrote earlier, I was intrigued with the topic of this book and while the author and I do disagree with some theological aspects...she and I most definitely agree of the importance of the Holy Spirit in one's life!

Bills writes eloquently and knowledgeably about the Holy criticism is that while she writes in words that many Christians use everyday, this will make it difficult for people new to their faith to understand some of her better points. She is in essence preaching to the choir.

My favorite truth from this book is on page 84...
It is in regards to forgiveness and I believe many times in my live that without Spirit's help I would not have been able to do it!

You have to search deep within and make sure you are not harboring unforgiveness toward anyone, past or present. You have to dig to the marrow of your bones for any fragments of lingering emotions intertwined in unforgiveness. You have to do it. You have to be honest with yourself and forgive those you know who have deliberately wronged you, accused you, and abused you.
Forgiveness is for your healing...

If you are interested learning more about the Holy Ghost and evaluating your walk in The Spirit...I recommend this book...but I also want you to talk it over with someone you love! remember...Where two or more are gathered...

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review Ronda. I think the point that you mentioned about forgiveness is also one that I mention in my own review. It's one of those things that hits home for so many people.

Thanks for hosting Shay Bills during her virtual book tour.