Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Am No Longer with Stupid!

I am reading a great book that I think many people would enjoy. I am half way through it...life has interrupted my finishing it as quickly as I would like, however.

I am sure there are many of us out there that at one time or another have had jobs that have become impossible because of an awful boss! You know the kind where you dread getting up and going...you know in your heart it's bad when you wake up throwing up and you are happy about it because you won't have to deal with your boss!

I had a job once where I worked for a woman who was demanding and critical. She was paid according to her sales and God help YOU if something went wrong with any of her closings.
She once screamed at me over the phone...
"Are you STUPID?" while her customers sat across from me at my desk...so I replied "No" and then promptly proved my point by giving two weeks notice to the HR Department.

In today's economy I am sure many of us can't afford to just up and quit over an awful boss and from what I have read so far this book would be helpful in ensuring you maintain your sanity as well as your job!

Have any of you had an awful boss or supervisor?
What makes them so awful?

I have thought about this woman on occasion and I think she was very insecure and fearful of her own inabilities to do her job.
Let's just say she did not "play well with others" in the sandbox of her life, as I was not the only person she had problems being "human" to!

So...How about you? Having problems at work...Consider reading Tangling with Tyrants by Tony Deblauwe. I will do a book reveiw on Monday, August 24th!


Lauren said...

I'd like this book when you are done. I've had way more than my fair share of nasty horrid bosses. One very recently. I don't understand why people have to be that way.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Gawd, I've had some bad bosses back in the days of working outside the home....now I'm my own "boss" and while I can be a hard taskmaster, I guess I'm okay *laugh*

Some of my bosses were just plain weird, some rude, some-um-touchy-feely -- now I'm remembering some of them...!

angie said...

I can't believe a grown person could be so juvenile!

Mike said...

She sounds like one of those 'it's always somebody elses fault' people.

And yes I've had a few obnoxious bosses.