Friday, June 13, 2008

Walking...a great way to use less gas and lose weight!

Almost everyone I know is either dieting or wanting to lose weight myself included. I have gained ten pounds over these last ten years, they just came and never went away. Magic, right? I have decided to not focus on the weight any longer but rather if I am honest with myself I would have to admit, I am eating quick, less than healthful meals and getting less exercise and much less sleep. All the ingredients to put on weight. So, I am going to focus on being more active and getting plenty of rest and I am going to eat healthy but also enjoy my food as well. I saw on CNN that most Americans do not get enough sleep at night for a variety of reasons and this contributes to weight gain. If you walk for thirty minutes every will lose weight, sleep better and have a lot of money. Okay, the last one was a lie but the others are true. Walking is also a great green tip. So...I am back to walking, not just on my treadmill but also in the great outdoors... tell me..What are you doing to be more active?

Special Note: Walk more than two hours before your bed time otherwise it will not help you with restful sleep. You will need an adequate cool down time.


Rachel said...

to be active, i chase around this child named carter baer. it is a great weight loss plan :)

Ronda's Rants said...

Wow, fearless and endless energy...He does sound like a super hero...maybe he will save the world! :)