Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It started with Riley, the wonder dog!

When our our daughter left home for college, I was about as sad as anyone could be. My hubby decided we needed another dog or rather I needed another dog. It's hard to believe but that was seven years ago.We still had two cats at the time left at home from "children's pets" but I only tolerate cats while, I love dogs. I am sorry all you cat lovers out there but while I take good care of those cats, my heart belongs to the dogs. Riley is our Golden Retriever and she gets along with everyone and everything, even those cats, which is a real testimony to Riley because those cats hate even each other! My hubby and I have love her so much and for awhile she was our one and only. But, we noticed she doesn't get to see Charlie or Lady much anymore, they are our oldest son's dogs. She also doesn't get to see Jake much anymore, that's our youngest son and his fiance's dog and our only daughter and her husband's dogs Harley and Rocky don't come by much anymore either. We are all so busy and we thought Riley seemed we adopted a Chocolate Labrador who happens to be named Miley ( I am not making this up!) So we have Riley and Miley and our home is full. Miley is two and her family couldn't afford to keep her and now after seeing her eat, I can understand why. Riley, still gets along with everyone and everything and no one is sad here anymore. We are busy, busy, busy but never sad. We all love dogs and I am grandmother to 5 granddoggies as well as Gigi to two beautiful grandchildren who happen to love dogs as well!


LoLo said...

oh i love your puppies!!

rmbgrafton said...

look at those eyes. I miss my sister :)

oh and I emailed you pictures of our little Rock Star!

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay...I am working on it.