Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not a fear factor...

So, I looked up the meaning of fearless...I am wondering if that really is what I want to be...fearless I mean. It says ...without fear; bold or brave; intrepid. I'm not sure I want to be bold or brave or even intrepid. I would settle for not "shaking in my boots." I would like to be able to conquer some things that I am scared to do...not things that I am scared of and do not enjoy doing but rather things that I do enjoy, or may enjoy if I wasn't too frightened to try them.
A friend who happens to be a nudist suggested that I be fearless about being naked...I see no reason to do that. I barely take my clothes off to shower. Same friend suggested I learn to fly a plane...again I hate this isn't something I want to do...I fly when I have to which I think is very reason for the pilot's license. I don't need to eat bugs or drink disgusting concoctions of other gross things. Rather, I would like to be not crippled with fear over mundane things that my children and my grandson can do. He is two, almost three now and he loves to ride the flume ride at Busch Gardens and I am not ready for him to know what a 'fraidy cat his Gigi really I ride the flume ride. He screams with joy and I just scream. He wants to walk across the two story high rope ladder so we do but I crawl on my hands and knees behind him...mumbling "We can do it!"
I am truly amazed by him.
So, I wanted to start a blog and I have...Go Me!
I want to get a Tattoo, just like my daughter's...haven't yet...( hubby not happy about that choice) but I will.
I want to learn to scuba dive.
I want to build a "green" home on our property in Virginia...okay it's not fear but rather fear of lack of money that is holding me back on that one.
I would like to hike down to the bottom of the grand canyon.
I would like to keep up with the grandson...'cause he is fearless.


Rob Baer said...

Good thoughts. We talked about "Into the Wild" the other day, and I think be fearless in contrast to the main character is "finding" yourself or being yourself despite where you are. Not traveling into the unknown. Being fearless is staying in the known.

Rachel said...

love this blog! and, for whatever it's worth, i think you are becoming more fearless everyday! it's gonna be hard for all of us to keep up with the carter pie!

Ronda's Rants said...

Well, if staying in the known is fearless...I am all about that. I think being fearless rather than reckless is heading into the known for a better cause rather than just running away for a thrill of some sort. Sad movie "Into the Wild" really not my kind of movie or know I like those happy endings!