Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ode to Bobby Joe

This morning dawned bright and early and the panting of hot air in my face was not my beloved "hubby" but rather our Miley, the Chocolate Lab wanting to go tinkle at 6:00 am. Riley, our Golden Retriever didn't even move. There was no coffee brought to me. No newspaper waiting on the table. I had to feed the zoo all by myself. Hubby is out of town and I miss my husband. Anyone who knows us should find this mildly amusing as we squabble most of the time. Just the other night he said I would argue with a brick and I replied "The saying is brick wall, not a brick!" But, I miss him even if he just wanted to argue "with a brick." I posted the picture so he would laugh...Oh and honey...I missed the trash!


Karyn said...

When I think of your marriage I think of lots of love, fun and support.
Love this picture!!!

LoLo said...

this makes me want to cry. actually im tearing up as I read this. I love you and have felt similar things as I watch jake get excited at every noise thinking it is "daddy". Hang in there. I love you

Ronda's Rants said...

I know and I love you too! We will be fine. Anytime...come on over!