Monday, June 2, 2008

Tadpoles to frogs.

We were at the playground which sits right by the lake where we live and my grand-son caught sight of something hopping near the water's edge. We walked over and saw hundreds of baby frogs jumping everywhere and in the water more tadpoles with varying degrees of frog"ness." It was a marine biology class in the making and why questions abounded. "Why are they jumping?" "Why are the tadpoles still in the water?" "Why aren't they frogs yet?" It was really interesting and it took me back to my childhood with me and my Dad. We found tadpoles and we brought them home and put them in our aquarium and I got to see up close and personal the changes from Tadpoles to frogs. Life is good.


LoLo said...

ok so first of all this is the sweetest picture I have ever seen besides the one of dedaddy and carter that I have. I think in the fast pace of life we forget about the simplicity of life, I am so glad we have carter and katie and future kids to remind us:)

Ronda's Rants said...

I know...a simple evening discussing the life cycle of frogs with the cutest boy in America. Priceless.

Rachel said...

i love this rant :) and your and lo lo's comments. too sweet. sometimes i can't believe i am blessed to be carter and kate's momma. life IS good!