Monday, August 4, 2008

George and Gina...Fearless!!!

George and Gina...

First, they are the cutest couple ever!
Second, George has cancer, he also has a wife who adores him and she is not just a pretty face...She is smart with a great idea that she has fearlessly ran with. To raise money for George's treatments not covered by his insurance , she is selling cookbooks...For one dollar, you may have a cookbook and the knowledge that you are helping George and Gina... and then you may forever be known as a friend of George and Gina!

Please go to Friends of George and buy a cookbook. The Sweet Potato Casserole and Agnes' Zucchini Bread look really yummy but there are other's just as good!

Read their story...
or visit Gina at Lattes & Lipsticks

OUR STORY:Our names are George & Gina Williamson. We have been married for nearly 17 years. When George turned 50 he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. After radical surgery and painful radiation failed to cure his cancer, George opted to take an alternative route using diet and supplementation. His health greatly improved and he has felt better than he has in years. As he puts it, he is a "specimen of health" outside of cancer. However, his PSA levels did still continue to rise over the next several years.In 2007 we victoriously enjoyed a Cancer Survivor Day Cruise. George was in his 6th year of survivorship at this point, surprising the doctors that he had made it this far, with no symptoms- and no metastasis. But still that pesky PSA rising...In spite of uncertainties we have opted to enjoy life to its fullest- because none of us have tomorrow guaranteed, anyway! George just had a birthday- he is now 57.He also just had some scans done after a pretty substantial PSA jump. For the first time, there is visible metastasis in his hip bone.Why am I telling you all this??Because of our belief in following a more natural path toward healing (and because of the lack of any curative options from the medical world), we have determined that George will be treated at an alternative treatment center in California- However, because it is alternative, insurance will NOT pay for it, and payment is required up front, in full.We are not wealthy people- as aren't most people!Therefore, we have realized that if this is going to be a reality, we need to be CREATIVE.An idea occurred to me one day while I was brushing my teeth...If I were to sell SOMETHING of SOME VALUE for only$1.00and I sold 20,000 of it that would be $20,000-and that would be just about enough to send my husband to this treatment center.BUT WHAT???And then it hit me-RECIPES!!Everyone loves to share recipes.So I have chosen to compile a collection of recipes from "Friends of George"and sell them for only $1.00.And every penny goes directly into a fund solely created to send my husband to this treatment center.Hey...It might sound crazy.But it might be crazy enough to work.And I'm crazy enough about this guy to do anything to keep him around-for a very long time.Friend, can you spare $1.00???Thank you, and God bless you!!


Gina said...

Thank you so very much Ronda.
This made me cry.

Jennifer said...


Rhonda said...

Hi Ronda. I hope you get away for holidays soon. I know what it is like to have no life. My husband and I both have two jobs. There was a time a couple years ago when I had four jobs. We are still no further ahead! Argh!
We had just dropped one kid off at camp, and left the other two at home, and off we went!!! I was so not ready to go home when we did! lol That one night a year is never long enough!

Nic said...

George and Gina,

saluatations from the UK! Well done both of you on being such a strong, determined couple squaring up to that vile beastie.

I will be popping over to your site v soon. xxx

Ronda my sweet, thanks for the feel better messages! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I saw their link on another site the other day and meant to buy a cookbook and totally forgot. I'm gonna do that now.

Thanks for stopping by today....good to hear from you again! ;)

Brenda said...

Thanks so much for passing on the story. I'm off to buy a cookbook!

Karyn said...

Okay Ronda, be honest. How many cookbooks did you buy?