Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pay it Forward Prizes in the Mail!

Life Is Good Mug for Beth Ann at TeamThornhill News

Life is Good Book from Life is Good for Kendra at Nest Half Empty

A lunch Tote from Life Is Good for Lolo at The Simple Life

Chocolate Lover's Basket from Thanksgiving Coffee

I put all your names in a basket ( I did four because the times were really close) and drew your names out and this is what you will get! Hope you enjoy it...because I enjoy reading your blogs!


Rhonda said...

Wow!! That is so cool!

Okay, now I'll have to think of something REALLY good to pay forward with!!!

Thanks Ronda!

Beth Ann said...

Way cool! That is so cute!!! This is my first time winning something, and you know what? It feels really neat! LOL
You made my day! I cant wait for it to get here! Thanks Ronda!!!!

Beth Ann

LoLo said...

I love it!! And I love that you also did the thanksgiving coffee!!!:)

KeepinUnity said...

LIFE IS GOODsite is fab!is there a uk 1? the prizes r great too x