Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fun House Giveaway!

Please check out Jennifer at The Fun House she has an amazing giveaway, and I mean amazing!
Beautiful bath stuff, which is my favorite thing to do! I usually combine it with reading while soakin" and I am in heaven.
So click on over to see Jennifer at The Fun House...she always has amazing stories with pictures that involve exotic foods. What more could you want? ...she has 5 beautiful children and it is always fun at The Fun House.


Kendrawolf said...

Just saw it! I am SO there. I love to take a bath AND read. Why does it not surprise me that we have this in common?

Jennifer said...

Thank you Ronda! I'm wishing you lots of luck! Bubble baths and reading are one of my fave things too. Thanks so much for having me on your blogroll!

Rhonda said...

I forgot to mention it is also illegal on some level to advertise our stupid laws. lol