Saturday, May 31, 2008

Small changes matter...

My hubby and I spent Friday evening at Busch Gardens and I bravely rode the sky ride. Fun...right up until it broke down, it was stopped just for ten minutes but for a coward that seems like a life time. I survived the experience and it was very nice otherwise. I enjoyed walking in the new Jungala section, the tigers were beautiful and amazing to watch. The park has this beautiful mural which they encourage you to buy beads and eventually the beads will fill in all the colored spaces. With each bead purchased money is given to Busch Garden's conservation fund. The symbolism of each bead, is that of a person who is making a small change but all together those changes will change the picture of the world. That idea was the inspiration behind the mural and the beads. I liked the idea that each one of us can make small changes and collectively change how the world looks. So many of us think because we are just one person... why bother? But it really does begin with one person and that one person's effect on another and so on.

We have gifts that differ according to grace given to each of us, let each exercise accordingly.
Romans 12:6

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