Sunday, May 18, 2008

Biker Mama

That's me on the Harley. So, not me. My friend John said " Ronda you want to ride" and somewhere inside of me a voice said say yes. And I did. It was wonderful. He and his wife Lynn ride all over together and they are just about the "coolest couple" ever. I am going to keep trying to be less afraid but maybe not ever as cool as Lynn and John.


rmbgrafton said...

Mom - you already are the coolest! I hope you have a wonderful day deserve it!!! Love you!

goombah said...

First let me start by wishing a very happy 50th birthday. Welcome to the wonderful 50's. Its gonna be a blast. I want to say to you you are way cool. Lynn and I have known you and Bob for 12 years now, and think you guys are the coolest. First you raised 3 great kids that very cool, your a Grandma, thats cool, and you and Bob are two of the warmest people we know. And thats cool. I will never forget when you visited in our time to be with good friends. It meant more for your support and visit with us then any food can bring. And thats cool. Lynn and I have decided to live each day is if it were our last, because it just may very well be. I live for today! All the other people at CUPIDS that night could have had a ride as well. They were asked. But I always promised you, and you didn't even hesitate. And what a great rider you are. That's way cool. Just enjoy your kids and grandchildren, and maybe someday you and Bob will be riding next to us.

Love, John & Lynn