Friday, May 23, 2008

Axis of evil closer to home.

So, the oldest son said my green tips are "weak." My point was to provide easy things that can make a big difference. We actually do use bags from home or carry out items in our arms when we forget the bags which does happen on occasion. We prefer also to do most of our shopping in bulk, many items are cheaper and have less packaging but it also cuts down on trips to the grocery store. We have set our air conditioner to 78 degrees and turn it off most nights. I haven't seen electrical bills this low in quite sometime. Was this an adjustment to us? Yes. But it has been worth it in savings to our budget and we feel good about our actions toward the environment. The biggest adjustment for us has been from two vehicles to only one. It helps that my husband and I have our own business so often we are going to the same location still this has resulted in quite a few "think ahead" moments. I love saving gas money and dropping insurance for the gas guzzling truck we sold. I personally feel if there was an axis of evil it would involve an oil company and an insurance company! You'll notice the insane profits both are receiving even during this "down turn" in our economy. The biggest change in our lives will be occuring in our business as we are in the construction industry. We would like to start working with like-minded contractors who care about the environment. It is a very exciting time. God is good.


Brenda said...

We try to keep the air conditioner set at 76°, but even that can be too warm during the heat of the day. Having ceiling fans in every room and window coverings do help.

I don't think your green tips are weak at all - they are perfect for someone like me who is taking baby steps toward helping the environment!

Brenda said...

Forgot to mention...eggs are on sale at Walgreens today and tomorrow only for $1 a dozen! My Walgreens was sold out, but I was able to get a raincheck.

Rachel said...

sorry your oldest son said your tips are weak :) i think everything we all do makes a difference. it's scary when people don't do things because they fear it won't make a difference. love you and miss you

rmbgrafton said...

Rach, that is a very good point. If everyone in the world would just do "a little bit," think of the possibilities!!

Oh and Mom, for someone who should be "ranting" more, you talk an awful lot about the goodness in the world...which is so very true!!! But maybe you should change your theme :)

Love you much!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thank you and I think all of you make a difference in everyone's lives!