Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Lou!

Today, forty eight years and ten days ago I was replaced as the apple of my father's eye! My sister Lou was born.There is a story about how I pushed her into a cedar chest when she and I were little and cracked her skull opened, actually I heard that story a lot. My take is that she did something that provoked the attack but sane people everywhere don't mention that. I told everyone I really wanted to be an only child in fact I told anyone who would listen. Well, I have gotten bigger and hopefully a little more well adjusted and I am glad I am not an only child. I do have two sisters and a brother who are smart and pretty. Actually my brother is handsome but one of my sisters, Lou has a birthday today and I hardly ever push her into the cedar chest anymore and I am very glad I have her as my sister....Happy Birthday Lou!

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