Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I currently have about three blog posts marinating in the bloggy oven, right now...not sure if they are worth working on or even if I will think about them again. I am thinking about words today...Here is how that happened. A friend started a blog about the Civil war and she wrote to ask about the "Word Verification" feature on her blog...specifically how to get it off her blog. She led me to believe that it was annoying her husband, which reminded me that I was annoyed with my husband for finishing my word find puzzle. Then, I thought of our daughter who loves words and spends a crazy amount of time choosing just the right word when she writes...she is in marketing and words are important to convey just the right emotion connected to whatever you are marketing. From there I thought of words and emotions...how powerful words really are. IF you are still following my line of thinking and if you have concluded along with me, that I may need medication...I will continue.

While thinking about words and the choice of those words and how they can cause emotional feelings, I remembered an unfortunate incident. Two men who may have a history I am unaware of engaged in a debate during a Sunday School class. And because of a few  choice words sprinkled with a few unpleasant hand gestures and other troublesome body posturing which led to an angry encounter. THIS in a SUNDAY SCHOOL class with two men who are in the same denomination...it makes me wonder if we can be civil during an election year.

My Husband and I have been married for a very long time, many of those years very happily, some not-so-happily. We have gone to a lot of counseling. I have learned not to use words like ALWAYS and NEVER because they are not great words! I find that whatever you put them in front of , it renders it not true. If it is a positive statement people will doubt your sincerity and if it is a criticism you will not be take seriously. That is ALWAYS true by the way! :)  I also don't finger point and Bob rarely ( nice word) holds up a hand in the air to make a point. I try very hard in my passion, not to raise my voice as oddly enough I have found the louder you get the less people will listen. Bob, seldom (nicer word) turns his back on me while I am speaking.

I am no longer sorry Bob and I have had a troubled marriage. I was envious of people who had easy-going relationships, while Bob and struggled. We have worked hard and continue to work hard to love one another better. We are a better couple and we are nicer people to be around...we are in a word...CIVIL to one another. Who knew civil could be so sexy! Civil...and I have come full circle back to my friends blog about the Civil war.


Diane said...

Fabulous post, my friend!! I love your crazy, circular thinking :)

Kampin' Karen said...
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Kampin' Karen said...

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT stop blogging or there will be WAR between us...and I am being very civil about that :-)

Jeanne said...

Come back! I miss you!

Ronda's Rants said...

I won't stop blogging...I just need to get my groove going again!