Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's My Hair!

I have cut back on many things during this "economic downturn " ...we don't eat out as much, we sold our second vehicle and downsized to a smaller house. But ....I don't scrimp on my hair! I recently went to a fancy spa salon called Panache located here in charming St. Augustine, Florida as I needed a eyebrow waxing and my grey roots made brown!

It is in a really cute old building and I was able to walk there from the house we had rented.
It is an environmentally aware or conscious business with many great organic products which I appreciated but the very best part...was the great customer service!

From the very first moment I walked in the door, I was greeted, I felt valued and appreciated. I knew instantly they were thankful for my business. This really wasn't much more costly than my normal salon but the feeling I had after my stay was transforming...this simple training of their staff in simple courtesies that make you feel like you are so important to them.
I introduced myself...the receptionist seemed to be delighted to meet this "Ronda person!" and all the while making eye contact with me.
She said Jesse would be with me in a few minutes and she was.
Jesse came in and introduced herself and promptly said my name in a sentence as in...
"Ronda, I am so happy to have you here! Could you follow me?"
and I said " Uh Huh! "
( I knew within minutes I was in a great place)
Jesse was the person who would be doing my eyebrows...she was kind and gentle...even when she laughed at me!
She opened this door and in the beautiful room was a table...
I was perplexed as I normally have to bend over backwards at a shampoo bowl to have my eyebrows done.
So I said sheepishly..."I am not here for a massage!" and she laughed but kindly!
She said "No...this is where we do eyebrows!"
It was comfortable, quick and painless as I was comfortably lying on my back while she waxed my brow.

She walked me to meet Sean who would be doing my hair...again the same thoughtful greeting and handshake.
While Sean was talking to me about my hair...Jesse came back with a mug of hot tea for me...saying..."I know you have water but I thought you might like to try our new tea!"
Listen...I know she was trying to up sell me and that she most definitely worked on commission but I was so touched by this gesture and guess what... it worked... I bought the tea!

In the end...I got a great color and a great haircut and was treated quite well!
As I walked home I thought...Gee... a three hour drive is not a lot for that kind of service!
I mean it's my hair!

Where do you go for great service? What makes it so special?


Betty said...

Sounds divine!
We have only one salon that does waxing, hair cutting and pedicures all in one. And there is always a long wait. They act like they are doing you are favor, not the other way around...

Rhonda said...

I saw your heading on my side bar, and I thought we were getting a picture!! Seriously! Where the heck is the picture? lol

When I went to Red Deer with my mom for the overnight spa trip, I found the place of my dreams. They were awesome. It will be about a two hour drive for me, and I haven't actually seen how they will do my hair yet, but I am so tired of the service that I've found here. If they do a good job fixing my colour and giving me a nice style, they will have gained an Edmonton client. I will happily do the drive every few months.

I'm glad you had a great day! You deserve it!

amelia bedelia said...

I drive downtown...5 minutes. and my lady is not so gentle on the ole eyebrows!

Karyn said...

What a great day! Whenever I need to feel special, I just call you!

Lauren said...

I dunno. I usually hire friends for reiki and massage and they come to me. But a client told me about this amazing place in the city where you get a massage and they have these different pools that you sit in at your own pace that sounds amazing and not too expensive either. I'll have to let you know. Glad you enjoyed yourself. You deserve it.

jill jill bo bill said...

My nail girl always gives me a ten minute hand massage that almost makes cry it feels so good! And my hair girl serves wine. And yes, I know they have technical names, but I like to keep it simple. Manicurist and beautician is so stuffy.

AVT Coach said...

When people have fewer dollars to spend, the quality of service is going to be the decision maker every time. I find I return to those places that provide the best atmosphere and work on relationship building. It works for non-profits and it words for getting your hair done. I love several places in our small town for that reason. The donut shop where on Saturdays I get the best chicken salad sandwich for $5.00 and a big welcome. I love the chocolate/coffee shop where friends gather and greet as they make their way in and out. These days I choose my doctors, pharmacies, cleaners etc by the same measure: atmosphere and relationship building. Then I don't mind letting my pennies go!

Elizabeth said...

I love the way I'm treated at a high-end salon, and you're right, it isn't always that much more expensive. In these economic times, all businesses should be working on customer relations with their employees. Even the drive-through kids could be courteous!

Elizabeth said...

Forgot to remind you that my book giveaways end tomorrow night. I'm sure there's something that will appeal to you, so check it out.

Anonymous said...

I generally feel very pampered at my hair salon. Oh, and also at our veterinarian's office when I take the dogs in for their appts. They offer popcorn, coffee, hot chocolate, water... it's a great vet's office I must say.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Jeanne said...

That sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

That sounds perfect. I love it when people take care of me.....even if I have to pay them. :) Its just nice to be pampered every once in awhile.

Ginger said...

I think when you are spending hard earned cash, you should get treated special. I would love going to a place like that.

Jennifer said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference great service makes!? It's so nice when people go that extra mile!

Debbie said...

That does sound like nirvana. Good for you.
Isn't it amazing that customer service has gotten so rare that we will drive 3 hours for it?