Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday...PM...Post Meltdown

Monday was a long day for me...the first part was jury duty...which if you haven't read about and you would like you go!
As we were leaving the court room, I looked around and saw the families involved in this case and it hit me hard that this had been a terrible day for them as well. I know on both sides of the aisle there was just pain...expressed in their faces and in their posture. I asked God to be with them all.
I left the court house tired, sad and freezing. My hubby had dropped me off that morning because we had a convention to go to at 6:30 that it made sense for him to pick me up on his way there. I sat outside waiting for him and thought about where we were going...I had been excited to be asked to be a part of this organization but I was so tired and downtrodden...I really didn't even want to go. I knew the meaning of bone tired and it wasn't the good kind where you feel productive...I felt like my time had been wasted and I hate that feeling.

The convention we were going to that evening was about justice and the irony of what I had or hadn't done was not lost on me. The organization called HOPE was celebrating it's 20 year anniversary...the evening celebration was called "Two Decades For Justice" HOPE is an acronym for Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality. As I sat at outside trying to get warm...I thought about how my day had gone and I really felt anything but hopeful! To be honest...I was feeling sorry for myself. I had so much work to do and I hadn't accomplished anything and to be very honest I hadn't been in control of myself or my day and that made me cranky...then the poor Hubby pulled up. He was all chipper and I was all Godzilla! I finally said just take me somewhere where I can have coffee and to sit down! He drove to a bar...I kid you not...Yeah..he is a great listener...sometimes...just not then! Finally, after much pouting on my part...we ended up at McDonalds and I was able to share my day...okay... VENT my day!
After, I had let out all my steam...we went to this amazing convention.

It started with a wonderful Full Gospel choir singing these great spirituals that had moved me to tears! This organization is Diverse Congregations working together for fairness, Dignity and Justice and it is Catholic and Protestant Christians and Jews and Muslims. Their mission is to promote justice, fairness and the dignity of people, by engaging and training hundreds of people to responsibly and successfully act together to hold officials accountable to improve the systems affecting the quality of life in our communities. They do that by identifying common community problems, researching solutions, and then by publicly engaging officials for commitments to implement those solutions.
Last year, this organization got the local transit authority to add a later bus route so people could work the late shift...where as before they did not have a way home from work. This not only helps those individuals but the community at large because more of their people can be gainfully employed.
Our church is still deciding if we want to officially join this organization...I have already decided... but as guests for the evening we got to watch their caucusing and voting procedures. The areas of concern for this year was Attainable Housing, Drugs and Crime, Education and Youth and Transportation.They usually choose one area to focus in on and we watched as each church delegation voted based on individual membership totals. It looked like a United Nation convention...we are all so different and yet united in wanting to do something good for our community!
This year they chose Education and was close... but this will be the focus of this amazing organization. I HOPE to be a part of it!! It was a great way to end my day.

"What is owed in justice should never be given in charity." Pope Paul VI

"And act justly. Truly God loves those who are just." Quran, 49:9

He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God"
Micah 6:8


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm so sorry that your day was what it was, but I think maybe you had that day to apprecaite what the groups goals are even more...

Big hugs!

Rhonda said...

Wow! What a day! I'm glad that it ended on a good note!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad the day turned around for you! Sometimes I find that the thing I've been sort of dreading and have to drag myself to ends up being the most fun!

Diane said...

The goals of that group/conference give me hope :).

Derek Maul said...

Good post, Ronda. Give me and "H" - h; give me an "O" - o; give me a "P" - p; give me an "E" - e.

Kori said...

The incongruity of the two parts of your day are really stuck with me-and just another reminder that no matter how ugly certina aspects of life are, there is still beauty and, yes, hope. I am so grateful to be a reader of your blog, I learn so much.

LoLo said...

I have to tell you that when Rachel invited me I didn't know what it was for, but I am so excited and was so moved. I told my professor about it and she was even more excited and is going to contact them about the pre-social work students volunteer hours. I love it so much!!

manic mariah said...

Sometimes the simplest conversations can change the whole day.

PS I received my Bonnie Hunt stuff today! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad your day ended so well. I love this make me want to go join a group! HOPE sounds great!

Hmmmm....that word "hope"....I've heard that in a campaign somewhere.....and I "hope" things go well on Tuesday! :)

avtcoach said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment about the award! Regarding your I was reading your post I was getting a knot in my stomach. I don't do well with situations where I feel the task is so big I cannot move it. I have never been a juror but I think I would feel that way in that situation. Then, although a wonderful mission filled organization, I would be uncomfortable with the whole process and overwhelming nature of the mission. I am always amazed when a large group of heterogenous people can move a mountain a stone at a time. It sounds like this is a wonderful organization that has done some very good things. I have to stop and tell myself..that it is okay for it to move one stone at a time. Kudos to you for wanting in on the great mission!!
I am moved by your prayers for all parties. That is how I would approach the experience as well. I will pray for you in this experience as well.
BTW, have you selected a new book?

avtcoach said...
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Ronda's Rants said...

Well, I have a few in mind...Do you have a suggestion?