Thursday, September 3, 2009

This and That

My Hubby and I are old. Getting older by the minute, in fact there are times when we are together that I begin to wonder what we will be like as ancient people.

Two people home alone.
Sitting at two desks.
On two separate computers.
at least one of the two are having a conversation, the people not the computers.

Wife: "Do we have plans for next week?"

Hubby: "Some...I need to mow the lawn!"

Wife: "Can we go to Disney?"

Hubby: "Sure...How about Saturday?"

P A U S E (I mean just that long of a pause...not any longer I promise)

Wife: "How about we go during the week? There will be less people there."

(The sound of silence....crickets...birds drives by...more silence...a dog barks in the distance...that kind of silence)

Wife: "Hubby.."

Hubby: "What?"

Wife: Just staring.

Hubby: "Are you talking to me?"

Wife: "Do you see anyone else here?"

Hubby: "What?"

Wife: "Never mind..."

A younger woman would have fought over this or at least this woman when younger would have fought over this! But not anymore...
Maybe we will make it to Disney next week.


Aunt Julie said...

Sounds like my house. We also have lots of "What?" "huh?" "turn it up!" you know, stuff old people say to each other. The kids come into the room and THEY turn the tv down. It used to be the other way around!

Kori said...

What do you mean getting old? I already have similar conversations in my house and I am some younger than you!

Betty said...

hahaha, I am really laughing here! :) This is soooo much like my house! Expect my hubby´s not on the computer, he would be watching TV....
Loved it!

Dog By Nature said...

Hee, hee...that's just comfortable is what we say:)

Justine said...

ROFL! You're just cracking me up. At least he tried to listen.

Justine :o )