Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Does This Outfit Make Me Look Racist?

Maybe...but I have to say wearing a flag on your butt does make it look big!
Also, the guy next to you looks like the punch line to
"You know you are redneck when..."

It would seem that some people object to former President Jimmy Carter stating that some of these people's anger comes from race rather than just plain old disappointment with our President.

I don't know if some people protesting are racist or not but I know all them aren't...most are just mad about what is "going on" and "they want to "take" their country back.
Now what they want to take it back to might be a concern to some folks! Especially to people like 80 year old southerners who remember what it used to be like. Would this frighten an 80 year old black citizen of this country who lived through our history?

I would like to point out that when I protested the war in Iraq and questioned why we were in the wrong in "They-went-that-a-way Cowboy Bush!" And when I chanted "How are we going to pay for this George Bush?" I was called Un-American, aiding terrorists and anti-military! I was dressed in Jeans and a T-shirt and ... made my butt look big too!


Kori said...

People are ticked at Carter becuase they know that he is right. In my opinion. And the lovely fashion statements above simply reaffirm that fact. And why yes, her butt does look big! :)

Jeanne said...

NPR did a really thoughtful commentary on the whole racist/not racist hubbub today, and it came out pretty much where you landed, pointing out that fear -- on both sides -- is really at the root of this.

Thank goodness Mr. Obama is braver than the people he governs.

Anonymous said...

AND she looks like a clown in that t-shirt. In my opinion it's totally about fear. The fear that we have a black man in the White House.... I live in southwestern Virginia close to the Tennessee border and man oh man are those Tennessee folks riled up. Can hardly stand to visit some of their blogs. YIKES!


Rhonda said...

Oh my friend, you had me at your title!! lol

Lauren said...

Carter is an anti-semite. He sleeps with Islamic $$ and should shut his 444 day hostage mouth. he was the worst thing before Obama came along. No one is talking about 80 years ago Ronda and you know that. Don't be so disingenous. The only person ever caught on camera with a gun at these protests was a black man with a rifle on his back. YES a black man. Carter is a pathetic has been, and it is because of HIS policies of screwing over the Iranians and helping the Shah into our country that that murderous piece of crap was able to take our embassy and is now the President of Iran. But ok to your ignorant forgetful commenters who forget all about this or the gas lines or the high unemployment under his time as President. Righto keep on misdirecting the conversation and debate. Why not check out the video on my blog and then we can talk about racists hate. It's on the sidebar. And I witnessed these protests first hand in NYC and this was what was full of them. not just a handful of nutbags you can't stop from joining in.

We do not want gov't involved in our healthcare. PERIOD. There's been ZERO proof of gov't ever making things easier or better or less expensive. I challenge any one of your commenters to prove me wrong. I'd bet my entire savings that they can't! That's why they have to call me racist and side with Carter. Cause they've got nothing else.

Ronda's Rants said...

Well, you are as charming as ever. Lauren...just stop coming by my blog...we haven't anything in common.

Heather of the EO said...

I totally get why you went private...
People shouldn't be able to stop by and do what Lauren did up there.

Constructive and respectful conversation goes right out the window in blogging (when there are differences of opinion). Blows my mind.

If I didn't agree with you, I wouldn't be able to come here and talk to you like you're an idiot. I just don't understand why people think it's their right to do that.

It's called Ronda's Rants for a reason. And I love it (and your heart) :)

Ronda's Rants said...

Thank you...I thought it was somewhat of a respectful rant...I was trying to show why some people feel threatened by the protesting.

Kori said...

I really liked how Lauren didn't even really address what Carter said in relation to the here and now, but instead focused on everything that went wrong when Cartet and Reagan were presidents; talk about deflecting the issue! No matter; you are here and talking about what you think and feel and amen to that!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I see why you went private, Ronda!
What is WRONG with these people? This is a scary time for all Americans for a variety of reasons, and all he's doing is trying to make their lives better and safer. How can anyone in the gov't get things done if they're constantly dealing with media BS?
I think that during these uncertain times, having the first black president, and a change of political party "power" makes people who didn't vote for him very nervous.
What happened to respect for the office? The people have spoken and he won the election, so let him do his job for the next 4 years. President Obama, as far as we know, isn't whoring around with interns or misappropriating funds.
I don't know if this makes sense, as I am rolling into a rant here, too!

Justine said...

Okay, now tell me why you switched your blog to private!

Justine :o )

Teri said...

First of all, THANKS for inviting me! Glad to be here with everyone.

Second, I encountered the opposite situation on a blog that I have enjoyed for quite a long time. I am not conservative, and this blogger is ultra conservative. Cool enough. I say Live and Let Live, tolerance is key. Except that there were too many comments that were just too condemning of our current President. I had to comment.

I am such a Pollyanna - always trying not to be the confrontational one. I let everyone say their thing, I don't jump up and scream how wrong they are. But I had to comment to that lady. And, in my usual fashion, I was ultra diplomatic. Let me tell you this...after several private emails back and forth, she agreed that it is okay for people to have differences politically or religiously. We both agreed that the more important thing is to strive for balance in our areas of common interests. And she introduced me on her blog as her new friend, differences or not. Pollyanna-ish ways were able to get an opposer to soften up. Whew. Did I use enough words there? :-)

That being said, I am SO glad you posted this. You did it in a very mild way. I agree with you. As much as I was NOT a fan of Bush, I got sick of all the constant bashing of him. Bash his policies and protest, yes. But bash him personally, no. I couldn't help but think about how his wife and daughters must have felt. And at the risk of being booed by my liberal friends (me, included), I often felt bad for him personally. Like it or hate it, he was the current leader. People elected him. We had to run with it.

I like Obama. I think that man is trying hard to fix what was left for him - years of problems. Gotta give him enough time, though.

Hey look, it's a Teri's Rants. hehe

Ronda's Rants said...

I am glad for you...I have felt I was always able to do that as I have many friends who are Republicans. But, not so with some as the picture and Lauren's comment would indicate. She objects to being labeled a racist which I understand while calling Carter an anti-semite ...makes no sense to me.

Teri said...

I totally agree! I didn't get the anti-semite thing, either.

CoffeeJitters.Net (Judy Haley) said...

She's referring to the American hostages that were held for 444 days in Iran during the Iranian revolution. But she's got her facts messed up.

My husband is getting his Masters degree in Iranian studies and says that revolution was brewing for a long time before Carter came along.

In the 1950s the Iranians elected Prime Minister Mossedeq. But we didn't like him(he didn't give us all the oil we felt we were entitled to), so we got rid of him, and put the Shah (former royal line, position was like a king) in power. This was called Operation Ajax. Many Iranians hated the Shah because he ruled like a dictator and eventually they revolted (that just happened to be during Carter's presidency). They were angry with us because we took away their elected leader and put the dictator/king in his place, so they took the hostages to get back at us, and to gain attention from the entire world. The hostages were released while Reagan was being sworn in as President, so Reagan is credited with their release.

Unfortunately, many people believe that anyone who sides with, agrees with, or even has compassion for Iranians, Palestinians, and many other Arabs are anti-semitic. Don't forget Carter also orchestrated the Camp David accords in which he also acknowledged the right of the Palestinian people to exist.

On an interesting side note, when the most recent Iranian election turned ugly, Fox News introduced the Shah's son as the heir to the Iranian throne.

Mike said...

Even though she's an idiot, people like Lauren get people juices flowing and up your comment count! That's the brass ring of blogging, comment count!

Hey Lauren, did you know that Bush is proof that ANYONE can become president? You can tell your kid YES you can be president. Just look at Bush.

Malcolm said...

Thanks for writing this rational and thoughtful post. What I don't understand is why members of the right are twisting the words of Jimmy Carter, Bill Cosby, Maureen Dowd, etc. Carter and the rest of them are just saying that the element of racism is present in the protests, not that everyone who opposes Obama is a racist. I think most of the protesters are doing so based on political ideology. However, people are lying to themselves if they don't see that racism is the motive for some of the protesters. I think we've all seen some of the protest signs and heard some of the rhetoric that wouldn't exist if we had a white president.

You make an excellent point about how you and other anti-war protesters were painted negatively. By the way, your comment about how your jeans and T-shirt made your butt look has me singing Sir Mix-A-Lot. :-)

Ronda's Rants said...

Thanks...To say that some of this is not fueled by racism is a lie but I do understand the frustration of those who are upset with policy and who feel shut out by complaints of unfounded racism.
That was the point I was trying to make...
the moral of the story is... Be careful who you stand next to at a rally!

Derek Maul said...

Yikes.... I just took a look at that Lauren person's blog. That's some mean-spirited highly personal vitriolic stuff! Venom and hate and labeling as a mask to distract from a warped perspective on the issues. Not dialog, but diatribe - sad stuff. Ronda, I'm guessing you need a big hug :-0

Ronda's Rants said...

I have got hugs ...thanks...
I actually was very sad but it has turned into a very positive experience for me! I think most people are inherently good...I really do and I think we all want the same things for our family.
We may disagree on how to get there but I do think we want the same things.