Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog for Your Charity!!

My Pay-it Forward winners need to send me their don't have to play but you do need to receive!

Rhonda from A day in Rhonda's Life who is just getting ready to go on the vacation of a life time!
Candid Carrie who has a wonderful Zoo life...literally... a lot of beautiful animals live there as well as her beautiful children.
Lizzy of Hot Tub Lizzy who has a guy who is so romantic and two beautiful daughters who are also funny like their mother!

Don't forget my Thanksgiving Loser Contest! Blog about a time where you lost something and it meant something to could be anything! But in that losing you gained something meaningful! The deadline for entries is November 21st. I will post a poll that will close November 26th and the winner announced November 27th, Thanksgiving Day.
I will donate $50 to the winner's designated charity!
So...enter something you have already written or post something new and tell your readers about the contest and about the charity you are writing for...this will give your charity some exposure...if they have a web page include that information as well!
Our first entry is by Candid Carrie and it is a beautiful one at that...
My Dearest Madeleine Rose
Our second entry is entitled Giving to Give by Hippie Family and it is very heartwarming!


Nik said...

Congrats to the winners!

Jennifer said...

Congrats to the winners! Such a great idea to blog for charity, Ronda!!