Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is Normal Only a Dryer Setting?

Well, looky here...I am posting twice in two days. I have made a commitment to write everyday for an hour...when I made the commitment it was in the hopes that I would be a saner, normal and happier Ronda...AND that I would get better at writing. I have been writing for an hour for about a month now..mostly in a journal...so far not normal, any saner, not much happier and as you can see not any better at writing!

I am moving from the land on which we will be building to a 1940's farmhouse, which we will rent while the Hubby and I build our ever evolving dream house. The farm house will give us a few things I haven't had: Room for company to visit, a closer proximity to PEOPLE and Civilization and a passion to decorate and nest that I haven't been able to express. My stuff, all my worldly possessions...you know, my junk has been in storage for a year and frankly, I am ashamed to say...I have missed it! A couple of years ago, The Hubby and I watched The Story of Stuff and I had a light bulb moment of neon proportions! So, began the process of me shedding myself of the superfluous. It felt good for awhile...noble and pure.

 But, since moving from Florida and all my family...I am longing for the familiar. I want to hold and touch something that has been held and used by my children. Dishes, glasses, or a dish towel..even! Silly, maybe... but I am striving for sanity here. I am not sure...about building our dream house...The Hubby is still very excited...I am not as passionate about the location. It is a beautiful place to visit but living here has been a lonely struggle for me. I am still missing the familiar.

So begins the three year plan...renting, building and adjusting still to our new normal!

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