Monday, May 17, 2010

Being HAPPY!

For awhile now, I haven't been happy. I haven't been unhappy but rather something in the middle of happy and unhappy... is my word, deal with it! I started this blog when I turned 50 and it was my outlet for trying to be not-so-fearful! This year, my start of 52 years on this planet will be my pursuit of "happy"! I understand, that many will tell you that being happy is not what it is all about but this is not their blog nor their life... and I want to be happy.

If you have ever read my blog, you know I like to read and it brings me happiness. So while looking for something to read I found The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It has inspired me to begin a year long HAPPY Project. While I read her book, I realized many of the things that brought her happiness , would not bring me happiness and actually, that is her point. We each have unique ways of finding happiness based upon our personalities and our unique talents.

Ah, talents...I had begun to feel like I hadn't any...
I read somewhere, that if you ask a child...
"Can you sing?" that they would answer enthusiastically "YES"
"Can you dance?" that same child would answer "Yes" again...never doubting their talent or abilities.
As we age, we start believing we can't do some things because we aren't as good as others!
But, we CAN!
Some one recently asked if I could Kayak?
I answered without thinking, "Yes" and then I started to doubt that I still could.
So the Hubby and I went kayaking...
and "I can" and it made me Happy!

I had my HAPPY on and I am going to keep being HAPPY...for a year and maybe longer.
By the way...I have missed blogging and it also, makes me HAPPY!

What makes you HAPPY?


Roshni said...

...and I'm happy for you!!

Unknown said...

I've heard about the book. I am now curious and want to read it.

I'm glad that you found your happy. The kayaking looks like so much fun.

Claremont First Ward said...

I love that you are devoted to a year + of happy! Such a wonderful thing to be!

Kori said...

You DO look so happy in the kayak, and I think that we have a responsibility to ourselves, to God, to our families, to figure out that which makes us happy and then DO it, you know?

Betty W said...

You look great in the kayak. Very young! :)
I missed your blog posts and am glad to hear you´ll be back.

I just saw in facebook, that it´s your birthday tomorrow, so let me wish you a wonderful day, full of happiness!!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thank will be a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Dr. Mom said...

Love kayaking but had to give it up when I had my children who are still young...someday we'll do it again.

Now I am learning to use power tools to build "found object art" robots. It makes me happy and the kids love it!

Heather of the EO said...

I keep hearing about this book...I'm thinking I should read it.

And choosing happiness and doing things that make you happy with a big fat YES=GOOD. :)