Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Ronda's Rants

I am in has been interesting...we stayed for a month in St. Augustine and then the following two months in Jacksonville. We are remodeling a few fast food restaurants...I won't say which because I will rant about that in the next sentence or two! It takes us about a month to remodel one and the work is fast paced and difficult...we are doing these because we don't have anything else right now!
We are grateful for the work isn't fun being away from your home and family.
What is fun however, is living in someone else's home! We have chosen to rent homes in the area we are working in...I loved the older bungalow we stayed in St. Augustine and the walking lifestyle it afforded us. The second home was a third floor condo on the inter coastal...our dogs became city dogs quickly and learned what the "dings" of the elevator meant! The home we are currently staying is on the St. Johns river and so far has been very peaceful.

My rants...I do not ever shop at Walmart but the closest grocery store is a Super Walmart and so that is where I was yesterday...
They had two register lines open for 10 items or less, with about 10 people in each line. The other register line was labeled 20 items or less and had about five people in it...the other line was for the fools who bought more than twenty items and I was in ...IT! Me and about thirty people waited in one line with other people who chose to buy more than twenty items of Walmart's cheap stuff and we are rewarded... with a twenty minute wait!
This makes no sense to me!
I miss you Publix...very much!

My second rant...
We are remodeling a popular fast food restaurant...they really need to be remodeled...they look nice when we are done...nice little stucco boxes...with no insulation of any kind in them!!! In insulation...yes, I am contributing to part of the problem!!!
I guess, this is more of a confession than a rant!
Enjoy your day!


Justine said...

Where in Jax are you, Ronda? Anywhere near the Mandarin area?

Justine :o )

Betty said...

I good rant now and then is good for the soul! :)

Just wanted to let you know I´m back to blogging. Couldn´t stand it being away! :)
Hope you pop on over and take a look!

Karyn said...

Love you!